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Interview with the Bellamy Brothers
By Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )
CSO European Contributing Journalist

To explain to someone what the Bellamy Brothers are to music is like trying to explain what wheels are to a car. They are essential.

CL: Why did you cancel your last German tour? So many of your fans were so deeply disappointed.

BB: The dates were never confirmed by the promoter and the deposits were never paid to make the necessary reservations for flights and travel,,,,,,,we understand that tickets we're put on sale which is unfortunate because the tour was not confirmed with us before that happened,,,,,we were really disappointed and hope to be in Germany soon.

CL: Youíve had several nominations for CMA Duo of the Year but itís always gone to Brooks & Dunn. Do you feel you have a chance to take it away from them next year?

BB: We don't feel that we will ever win the duo award but that's ok, we feel very fortunate to have a very long career and to be nominated for 20 years.

CL: Your fans are very hot for a new studio album from you. When is your next album due out?

BB: We have just finished our new album and we're very excited about it,,,,,,it includes over 30 guest artist and we hope to have it out later this year.

CL: You play so many dates in Europe that fans think of you as European. Do you feel youíve gained as big a following in Europe as you have in American?

BB: We have been to Europe over 40 times since 1976,,,,Europe is certainly a very important part of our career and we have many friends there,,,,,we feel lucky to have so many fans all around Europe and always look forward to touring there.

CL: Most artists ignore the European hunger for country music, yet you have embraced it. Why?

BB: Since our first hit (let your love flow) in 1976 we have toured Europe,,,,,,we always wonder why other artist don't tour Europe more because there is such a love for country music there and all over the world.

CL: If you could change anything about the country music business you wanted to change, what would it be?

BB: We'd put all the music lawyers on the next space shuttle.

CL: Itís very hard for European country music fans to come to the USA because of all the difficulties imposed by American security, fingerprinting and photos and breaking into luggage and rifling personal items. When Americans visit Europe, they are not subjected to such embarrassment. Do you think itís fair for America to treat their friends like terrorists?

BB: When we travel around America by air, it's also difficult because of all the security problems and bag searching but hopefully all the free countries will unite and bring an end to terrorism like we had on 9-11


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