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Meet Mr. Steelguitar, Bobbe Seymour
By Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )
CSO European Contributing Journalist

Bobbe Seymour, a living legend and one of the best steelguitar players in the world was born into a family of musicians and there was never any question that he too, would be a musician. His website www.bobbeseymour.com is a thumbnail description of his many contributions to country music and his dedication to his instrument.

As most musicians learn, music is not a steady, secure source of income and Bobbe wanted something more than a career in pizza delivery to fall back on so he opened his own store on May 6, 1982 and it has grown into the largest steel guitar shop in the world with the largest selection anywhere and total support for the professional steel guitarist. 

It’s has also developed into the best source of help and inspiration to thousands of players new to the instrument with many straightforward teaching videos filling the shelves. Especially popular are the Beginner’s Series, the Video Tab Series, the Non-Pedal video, the maintenance videos and the Thumb Picking Style video.

Players around the world return again and again to www.steelguitar.net to see what’s new with the ever changing selection of steel guitars being offered. Thousands enjoy and benefit from Bobbe’s free weekly newsletter of tips and comments and insight into the world of steel guitar. It’s Bobbe’s way of giving back some of the pleasure his passion for steel has given him.

But more than just a steel guitar store, being in Nashville, Tennessee, the center of country music, it benefits from regular visitors which includes a who’s who list of the best players, writers and producers in the world. Players like Chad Udeen with Andy Griggs, Don Helms with Hank, Jr. and Jeff Peterson with Clint Black. Writers like Joe Melson who wrote Blue Bayou, Crying, Only The Lonely and many more and Duane Hitchings who wrote Rod Stewart’s Do You Think I’m Sexy and TLC’s Unpretty. Producers like Ray Baker who produced Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride and George Strait and Steve Buckingham who produced Dolly Parton. These are personal friends of Bobbe who come to share their stories and playing secrets and the warm atmosphere which welcomes visitors.

Email Bobbe, sales@steelguitar.net and say you read about him in www.CountryStarsOnline.com and get a 10% discount on Bobbe Seymour’s videos and CDs. Any order over 50 Euro gets a free, autographed copy of Bobbe’s latest CD “The Bobbe Seymour Legal Defense Fund CD”. If you like the sound of steel guitar or have ever wanted to learn to play steel guitar, then you need to visit Steel Guitar Nashville in person or on the web.


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