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Book Review: Buzz Cason - Living The Rock 'n Roll Dream
By CSO European Contributing Journalist, Christian Lamitschka.

This book is a must for any music enthusiast. Buzz Cason invites us on a journey into his past. He tells us about his childhood, which influenced his whole life. Partly due to the fact that his mother already taught him to sing when he was very young, partly by watching the church choir of which his mother was a member, partly by the piano lessons which his parents made possible and where he learned to read notes, but mostly because he was taught the importance of values. He states for example, that he already learned as a child that you have to work in order to make your dreams come true and that you should never loose sight of your goals. Until the end of his school days, music was only Buzz' hobby, but it became his profession at the age of 17. At first he only appeared as a singer, but soon he became the co-songwriter and songwriter of songs which became quite well-known. A large part of his life as a musician took place on the road and, in a loose sequence and a quite natural way, Buzz Cason tells us of various experiences and relationships he had during his musical carreer without ever talking bad about his colleagues or exposing them - a rarety in this business. He includes his readers in a journey back to the beginnings of Rock and Roll. His journey was not always an easy one, however, he does not dwell on self pity, but rather lets the events speak for themselves. Later during his career he focused more on producing music, which he does with a passion. The respectful language of this book makes it a special reading pleasure.

For more information on this incredible artist please visit BuzzCason.com.

Christian Lamitschka 
( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )

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