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An Interview with Crissy Cummings
By CSO European Contributing Journalist, Christian Lamitschka.

Crissy Cummings found her voice quite by accident. She was a fair haired three year old entering the Cinderella beauty pageant in her hometown of Chandler, Arizona and simply needed to fulfill the talent requirement of the competition.

CL: How did you fulfill that requirement?

CC: I was three or four years old and my mom said dress her up real cool and go have her sing. She canít mess that up and I actually did a pretty good job of it. So I continued it and she got me into singing lessons and all of it just kind of progressed into, well, I have an okay voice now I think.

CL: Tell me about your childhood with your family.

CC: I am the youngest of eight children so I am a spoiled brat but, not really because when you are the youngest of eight and you have seven adoring brothers and sisters that happens. I think itís natural youíre a natural performer when youíre the baby. None of my brothers or sisters will even speak in public so it was all just kind of pressed done on me. I have four protective older brothers and three sisters that like to mother me and a great family. We are like a big party, there wasnít a lot of need for a lot of outside friends or activities we had each other, a good time.

CL: Where do your song ideas come from?

CC: Everything really. Friends lives, family, my own life, my life is a country music song happened quite by accident .But there are so many things I think when you immerse yourself in the people that you care about you gonna pick up on their lives and pick up those emotions itís definitely a huge pot of ideas to write about.

CL: Why has music always been your primary passion?

CC: Itís part of me, I canít explain it better than itís the only thing I know and itís what makes me feel good.

CL: Why do you think you identify so much with country music?

CC: I think the honesty in country music is what I identify with, the moral code that country music stands for, I mean Iím a mom itís nice that I can play the music videos I donít have to worry about censoring country music and I have always respected that. I respect the artists they are real people with real lives and thatís what they write about and sing about itís the honesty in it that attracts me.

CL: Where do you want to take your music?

CC: I want to take it were ever it will take me.I donít think you can force to many things. I think if people like my music, if they identify with it they enjoy it. They have an attachment to it then they will take it wherever it wants to go. Of course Iím going to do the best I can if that means reaching the masses and Iím famous then great, if that means Iím able to sing about things that mean something to me.I have a room full of friends and family that enjoy it and thatís good too.

CL: Tell me about your single "Whole Lotta Life."

CC: "Whole Lotta Life" is a great song I didnít write it but itís a great song great message. I heard it once and thought I just have to sing that song it is as if I had written it. Itís just got a great message, upbeat, positive and itís funny itís just a great all around song I love it, I love singing it.

CL: Why is it more important to you to be accepted by the fans than the music industry?

CC: The music industry has to accept me in order for me to succeed I suppose,but without the fans I donít know how that works either I think it all begins with the fans and then at the end of the day if the music industry doesnít like me then I donít know that I would be all that upset, if the fans didnít like me and didnít want to hear the music then thatís definitely a message I wouldnít continue it if the fans didnít like it.

CL: Why do you think Texas is the most critical testing ground for country music?

CC: Because they are open to independent music, you can get radio air play. Texas allows the fans and the listeners to be the judge. They are open to a much broader spectrum of music and I respect the Texas opinion if the Texas listeners like the music I think it will do well in other markets, I know it will do well in other markets if Texas listeners like it.

CL: How does it work being a country music artist and a mom?

CC: I havenít allowed it not to work there are probably sacrifices and there were probably some opportunities that I missed out on but at the end of the day I am a mom first and thatís whatís most important to me. People are very understanding, country music is family thatís another thing that attracts me. Iíve got a great mom that takes very good care of my little boy. He pushes me, heís six years old and he gives me pep talks there are times I didnít want to go and heíd said but you need to go mom because I want to hear you on the radio someday, so I get a pep talk every once in a while. That keeps me going.

CL: Is there a place where your fans can get in touch with you?

CC: My website thatís www.crissycummings.com thereís e-mail and photos, music and all those things.

Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )

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