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An Interview with Eileen Carey
By CSO European Contributing Journalist, Christian Lamitschka.

Eileen Carey is from Los Angeles, California and she‘s a singer and songwriter.  The style of music she‘s doing could be called 'Alternative Country Rock'.  She has been writing music for about eight years and performing since the age of thirteen.

Ch. L.: Eileen, what new developments have taken place in your life since we met last time?

Eileen: I have been in the studio, recording a brand-new album and I am very exited about it.

Ch. L.: What can you tell us about your new album?

Eileen: About five of the songs on the new album I wrote myself.  For the other songs I worked together with some other writers.  The main focus of the songs is about the choices that everybody has in life and about life in general.  I am working together with various musicians on this album and the work is very exiting.

Ch. L.: What can you tell us about the songs you wrote yourself for this album?

Eileen: The song that will be released as a single is called 'Heart's Time' - it tells about how the heart writes its own story.  It tells people that you never know when you will find love and that you have to take a chance on it, because life is too short not to do it.  Another song is called 'Good Time Charly' and it is about a musician that loves to play and to visit his own world.  He just enjoys life that way.  Then there is a song called 'Hollywood' which tells a lot about the way of life there.  It tells about the old times and new times and that it is still a great place to have your dreams come true.  Some of the songs which I did together with my co-writers talk about love and relationships.  We are still working on this album which should be ready in early January.

Ch. L.: Eileen, you are both a singer and a songwriter.  Which do you enjoy more?

Eileen: I enjoy both the same.  I enjoy all the work I do - being in the studio and recording, writing songs, create new things as much as going out and show the whole world my new music.  I feel that if I succeeded to describe somebody's life in three minutes then I have done my job.

Ch. L.: Where did you get the ideas for your new album?

Eileen: I was at a show of one of my friends and watched her performing and watched the audience and that inspired me to 'Heart's Time'.  'Hollywood' came to my mind when I was walking the streets there.  Sometimes I just walk along somewhere and an idea comes to my mind and I go back to my car and write down my thoughts.  As a matter of fact, I do more writing in my car than at home.

Ch.  L.: I heard that as an Independent Artist it is very hard to make a living, how about yourself?

Eileen: Yes it is very hard.  I am fortunate to be married and that my husband helps to support me very well.  Still, the business is very hard - you have to keep on pushing through and try to find your own path.  That way, eventually you will be successful, but it is a long and hard way and you have to believe in yourself.

Ch. L.: As an Independent Artist you have a lot of control about your music.  Do you think that will change once you have a deal with a major label?

Eileen: Yes, I have been approached by some companies already and they do want to change you.  So I had to step back and think about what was more important for me.  I do not mind changing my way of working with people, but I do not want to change into something that I am not.  Therefore, at this point in time, I enjoy doing what I am doing and to have control while at the same time I work in a team and get new ideas from others which is very creative.

Ch. L.: Eileen what response did you get from Europe regarding your latest album?

Eileen: The title of the last album was 'Possibilities' and it was very well received internationally, especially in Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain and Canada.  I hope that my new project will receive the same kind of response.

Ch. L.: You are active on both the European and the US market.  From which market do you get the better feedback regarding your songs?

Eileen: The feedback is stronger from the European market, because they take that little extra time to find me on the internet.  They send me e-mails, call me or write me and tell me about how much they enjoyed the songs and my type of music.

Ch. L.: Given all of that response, do you plan a European tour?

Eileen: Yes, that is planned for 2005.  We will definitely visit Ireland and Germany, but the details are not fixed yet.

Ch. L.: If there is some bookers that want to book you for a show, who do they need to contact?

Eileen: They can visit my website: www.eileencarey.com and will find all the information on there.

Ch. L.: What kind of information can your fans find on your webpage?

Eileen: You find my interviews there, information about my shows and reviews, my music, you can buy CD from there and you find all information about myself on there.

Ch. L.: Thank you for taking your time to talk to us today Eileen.

Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )


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