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Book Review: Jett Williams - Ain't Nothin' As Sweet As My Baby 
By Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )
CSO European Contributing Journalist

Jett Williams always knew that she had been adopted, but she never knew who had been her natural parents. Totally unexpected and unprepared she receives the first indications that her father could have been Hank Williams, when she is a young adult. However, she is not allowed to ask further questions or just does not receive any answers to them. Despite all these obstacles she is able to find her former foster family who receives her with love. The first meeting with the family of her natural mother is not easy for her. As her natural mother died some time earlier there is nobody there who can answer her questions about the motives of her mother and why she did not keep her.

Years later she is lucky enough to meet a lawyer who engages himself completely for her matters and who helps her to finally find out who her natural father had really been. Documents and files that she never before was able to see, suddenly reappeared and made a couple of things very apparent.

Number one, that her father had really been Hank Williams and that he had loved her and had provided for her future.

Number two, that this legacy of Hank, who had died several days before she was born, had not been fulfilled by several people who he had trusted. In order to gain financial and personal advantages, facts had been covered up; documents were hidden and in the end Jett was turned over to federal childcare after her grandmother had died. Her adoptive parents never were told about her origin and they did not ask. That is why Jet, who had been expected with lots of love grew up in a house where love was only expressed for short periods of time since her adoptive mother often had difficulties dealing with the new family situation.

A gripping book that vividly shows every reader the inner conflicts of adopted children. Passionately Jett Williams appeals to everybody not to ignore questions about “Where am I coming from” and “Why….” but instead to provide honest answers that help to find one’s roots and to live in harmony with the past.

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