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An Interview with Kelly Lang
By CSO European Contributing Journalist, Christian Lamitschka.

Few careers have had closer brushes with well-deserved superstardom than that of Kelly Lang whose name and beautiful face bring instant recognition with country music fans.

CL: Tell us about your special connection to Conway Twitty.

K: L: Conway Twitty was a dear friend of mine. My father was his road manager for twenty five years and I had a great friendship with him. But a lot of respect for him, as a musician and an artist himself. The older I became and the more involved with the music business I became I wish that I had taken more time to ask him questions about the music business and have his opinion on a lot of musical situations. He passed away before I had an opportunity to really sit down and pick his brain about things and I regretted that so much that I sat down and wrote a song about him, a tribute to him, called "Goodbye Darliní "and it is on my new CD.

CL: How old were you when you recorded Lady, Lady and what happened to you and the song?

KL: I was sixteen years old when I recorded Lady, Lady. It did very well for me. We got on billboard charts and after that I went on to do Star Search with Ed McMahon and did a lot of television programs. I got married a little too early I think. I ended up having two children and I kind of took a back seat to the music business. I continued to do song writing. Luckily with these songs that I took the time to write are on this new album. I didnít take too much time off from the business just tried to switch gears a little bit.

CL: You became a familiar face on television at a young age. Can you tell us about that?

KL: Well I decided to go with the Ralph Emery morning show. It was a local television show here in Nashville. I did that show on and off for about ten years. I was a local celebrity more than anything. I progressed onto Nashville Now and Music City Tonight. (The Statler Brothers) Itís really funny, the power of television is amazing. People continue to remember who I am from those shows. At the, time you donít realize anybodyís watching so itís a real thrill to be considered a celebrity on television, and still get to play with all the people that are involved with the music business even though you never had the radio success, itís kinda neat.

CL: At a time you seemed to be poised for major success, you decided to drop out of the music business. Why?

KL: Well I didnít drop out I just reconnected with my family and took care of my children. Iíve got them up to a certain age right now and I feel I can dedicate more of my time to the traveling and the recording end of it. I didnít really drop out per say, the music business changed a little bit while I did take time to raise my girls but Iím back with a vengeance now hopefully it will kick in for us here.

CL: Who and what brought you back?

KL: What brought me back I think itís a God thing, I really do. I had a lot of people praying for me that I would continue with my music. I didnít realize they were praying ,I just thought that it was over. I didnít really take the time to pursue a lot on the recording end of it. Then all of a sudden somebody that I didnít even know handed my CD to this record label They signed me within a week and they had never even seen me perform so itís pretty miraculous that Iím back at all.

CL: Whatís it like to be a mom and an artist who spends a lot of time on the road?

KL: Well itís exciting. My children love the music business itís all theyíve known. They have been around it all there lives. They think everyoneís Moms an entertainer ,so itís not anything abnormal. Iím not on the road so much at this point but when I do go on the road I can either take them with me or Iím fortunate that the get to spend time with their Dad or Grandmotherís. When I do go itís not that big of a difference from what they are used to already.

CL: What do you see as being the difference between the music you made in your earlier career as opposed to the music youíre making now?

KL: Well fortunately there are wonderful song writers out there that make peopleís careers stand out. The difference in me now and then is I used to only use songs that people wrote. Now I use songs that Iíve written. Iíve had a lot of life experience and Iíve turned my myself into a songwriter as well as an entertainer. As a singer now, I show more of my personality and more of a different style to my music because Iím not so boxed in with somebody elseís ideaís, shall I say.

CL: What do you bring to the table for country music fans?

KL: You know hopefully I bring kindness back. I just want people to see kindness and I want people to hear great country music and told in a real classic country way. Iím afraid that itís gone so Pop that people arenít realizing the tradition. It's a value that we need to continue with and I hope to continue traditional Country music as long as I can.

CL: How can all your new fans keep in touch with you?

KL: I have a website itís called www.Kellylang.net you can find out anything about me you can buy any product that you see on there music, videoís, t-shirtís any type of thing like that and it allows people to keep up with my schedule ,too. I just got booked in Burn, Switzerland and Mexico so Iím going to be doing some international traveling so hopefully I can make it to Germany as well.

Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )

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