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An Interview with Lila McCann
By CSO European Contributing Journalist, Christian Lamitschka.

Ch.L.: Country Music has many new fans in Europe who may be learning about you for the first time. How would you describe the music you play to someone whoís never seen or heard you before?

Lila: I would describe my music as country music with a contemporary flair. Itís got a little traditional fused with rhythm and blues. Something for everybody, whether you are a traditionalist or you are more into the contemporary country music. Itís fun!

Ch.L.: Do you write the songs yourself and if not, how do you go about finding songs for your albums?

Lila: I write songs a lot. Sometimes they end up on my records, sometimes they donít. When I am looking for songs, I usually go through at least one hundred songs, if not more. I try and find ones that best suit me, and the music I like to sing/play.

Ch.L.: What's your favorite song among all the songs you've recorded and what's the story behind it?

Lila: One of my Favorite songs on my new album is called "I Can Do This". First off because I feel like it's just a really powerful song. Secondly, because one of my best friends wrote it, so it's even more special to me.

Ch.L.: Who do you look up to musically and where do your musical roots come from?

Lila: I look up to so many musicians, but in country music I don't think you get any better than Reba McEntire. She has done it all... singing, acting, writing, Broadway... the list goes on! Everything she has ever done has been done gracefully and with class, and I love that about her! I guess you can say my musical roots come from my father. I grew up singing in his country band, so he definitely was the reason for my wanting to sing.

Ch.L.: What do you think about today's Country Music versus its roots and where do you see it going in the future?

Lila: I think country music is in a great place right now. The music is continuously getting better and better. I also think it goes in cycles. Right now, we are on our way back up again. The thing that keeps us going is good music and the best fans anybody could ever have.

Ch.L.: As an artist you have to do so many different things such as recording, touring, doing interviews, etc. What do you like to do best, what is your favorite activity?

Lila: My favorite activity as far as music goes is being in the studio. There is nothing like it. To watch these incredible musicians create such beautiful music in the recording process is amazing!

Ch.L.: What drives you? What inspired you to become an artist?

Lila: I think what drives me is the want to create great music and to have it there for people to enjoy and touch their lives. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, it's always there, and I will always want to be a part of that.

Ch.L.: What's unique about you that differentiate you from other artists?

Lila: I think we all have something that makes us different, but in this industry, it's got to be the music. I try to make music that really reaches out to me, with hope that it reaches out to others.

Ch.L.: Who's your biggest critic, yourself or others?

Lila: Myself. I think we are all our own worst critics. We have so many people with there own opinions of things, but at the end of the day, we're hardest on ourselves.

Ch.L.: When you get time off, how do you like to relax?

Lila: I like to relax by gardening, spending time at home with my dogs, and catching up with girlfriends.

Ch.L.: What's your favorite song that you didn't record and why?

Lila: " I Hope You Dance" Because it is a beautifully written song that I feel is timeless.

Christian Lamitschka ( Christian@CountryStarsOnline.com )


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