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An Interview with Lynn Anderson
By CSO European Contributing Journalist, Christian Lamitschka.

One of the top-ranked female vocalists in any genre, Lynn Anderson is often referred to as a singer’s singer. Lynn’s strong, husky vocals have garnered her more awards and accolades than many country artists combined, and an audience that spans both country and popular music. She is considered one of the finest entertainers in country music and is often called "The Great Lady of Country Music".

CL: Lynn, you have sung for five U.S. Presidents. How did you get so many invitations to the White House?

LA: I rarely use my political preferences to try to entice votes for either party. I'm an AMERICAN before any Party Preference. "Rose Garden" is a recurring theme in White House News. I'm an unabashed supporter of our Troops... wherever they are in this world. I worked for two years with Bob Hope.

CL: Lynn, at your concerts you get a lot of standing ovations. Can you remember at your first standing ovation and for which song?

LA: My most memorable one: I sang at Texas Stadium when our Troops returned from Vietnam.  Bob Hope was our host.  When I sang "Rose Garden" ... 5.000 US Marines in dress blues stood at attention and saluted.  A USMC Honor Guard presented me with an American Flag which had flown over a small patch of Real Estate at NamPhong, Thailand ... named MCAS "Rose Garden". My "Rose Garden Marines" (those who served at MCAS "Rose Garden") join us in Angel Fire, NM. for a reunion each year, on Memorial Day.

CL: Lynn, tell us about getting started in the music business.

LA: My Mother is THE REASON I'm in this business.  Her credibility as a Songwriter got HER an entree to Nashville's Music Business.  I simply rode on her coattails.

CL: Lynn, the song „Rose Garden“ made you an international superstar. If you recorded the song and the album, do you think it would go that far? 

LA: I totally believed in JOE SOUTH, and in THIS  song ...  That night, in the studio ... the Musicians began to believe in it, too.  The Record Company's support came a few weeks later, thanks to CLIVE DAVIS ... MY HERO.  We thought that night that we had a "Number #1 Country Song" ... but the public proved us wrong.  We had MUCH more.

CL: Lynn, the success of „Rose Garden“ was followed by a string of hits. Can you tell us about some of them.

LA: AHHH ... Now THERE's the TRICK!   How do you FOLLOW an INCREDIBLE Record ... an AMAZING Song ...   WHERE DO YOU GO FROM NUMBER #1??? THAT's when the GREED kicks in.  That's when you find out who are the people who actually CARE about you as an "ARTISTE" as opposed to those folks who just want to use you for a FAST BUCK .  "WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE", children! It's either sink or swim ... little guppies. WHO do you Trust?  Where do you go from here?

Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )


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