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An Interview with Rustie Blue
By CSO Contributing Journalist,
Jim Moulton.

JM: Greetings Rustie, rumor has it that you have been busy this year, what have you been up to?

RB: Yes Jim, so busy that I just can't believe how fast the year has gone! But busy is good!

JM: You have been singing with a group called the Stallions, tell me a little about them and what kind of material that you perform with them.

RB: Well, "The Stallions" band comes from the Lima Ohio area, and they're just a bunch of fantastic musicians! They play anything from Country/Country/Rock, Rock and Roll, to Rhythm and Blues. They've shared the stage with such great talent as Waylon & Willie, The Charlie Daniels band, Brooks & Dunn and
Gary Puckett! When you come out to see us you can expect, of course to hear from me, alot of country and country blues and they love songs like "Johnny Be Good," The Twist, Pretty Woman, and they play alot of what's hot now in the top 40 like Toby Keith's, "Whiskey Girl" and Pat Greens new hit song. It looks like we will be going to Columbus Ohio for the big "Quarter Horse Congress" in October where I'll be showcasing my new album "Chip Chip." "The Quarter Horse Congress" I hear is the biggest event in the
Columbus area all year. Bryan Wallace with "Concept 2000" a booking agent has booked us for that event and has been real supportive!

JM: Rustie, I have followed your recording career, each CD has gotten better, yet I sense as much as a good country singer that you are, you also are just much an entertainer in the way that you get into your shows, could you address this a little?

RB: Well, I actually use to be real shy Jim. My manager, R.D. Keister, has a "Center Stage Legends Concert" show here in Ohio, and when he started managing me, he said if you want to sing, you have to talk to the audience; You know you have to be able to connect with them in someway. Well, I was
scared to death of my own voice on the mic (except for singing of course) R.D. needed somebody to do a Dolly Tribute show (dressed in the big blond wig and all). R.D. thought it would be a good idea to have me be the gal to do that. Well, I just laughed of course. From the time that I stepped on that stage dressed as Dolly Parton, I was a big ham, and telling jokes, and well, the audience was just great! Maybe if I wouldn't have had a good audience things would have been different. But, to make a long story short, he hasn't been able to shut me up since. ha! I don't do the Dolly Tribute as much anyway as I use to as it's so much easier to got out and perform as Rustie Blue. I like to go out in the audience whenever I can and connect in that way and talk to the audience and joke around, and I always like to pick some unexpected person to sing to and give a Blue Rose. Hopefully they are the shy one and not just pretending to be. ha-ha. I guess I have gotten a nick name as the energizer bunny because I'm always running around if not on stage off stage! The Stallions have a hard time roping me down I guess.

JM: Well. I guess you know what is coming next, you are on the verge of your third CD release, I do know one thing, there are fourteen tracks and I've heard that you have delved into some songwriting of your own. Can you tell me a little about the recording of this CD, I know that this is your second CD with Mike Headrick and Mikron Studios, anything new this time ? Any new musicians on this CD? Also , I have heard that you are really making a big promotional push with this CD.

RB: This CD has to be my best yet! We have taken a lot longer with this CD then the last two, and we spent alot more time on song selection, and I think that is real important! The title track is named after Bill Anderson and my new duet "Chip Chip," which is the first cut also on the CD and never before released! I also have a cut on my new album entitled "Honky Tonkin Diva." I've heard that some people refer to a Diva is a classical singer, but I think of a Diva as a Beautiful successful women, and I just put her in a Honky Tonkin setting. (I don't think that has ever been done before). One thing I like about "Honky Tonkin Diva" is that you can get a good visual picture while your listening to it of what's going on in the song. It took me about 20 minutes to write it. (while I was cooking actually). I've released it to the oversees market already on CoDisc/E-Clipse, and I hear it's doing really well, and getting lots of requests because of folks wanting to make line dances for it.

Back to "Chip Chip;" it has just been released to national radio July 26th on CDX and also will be released to the overses market on WHP and Stuart Cameron's Hot Disc in August. We do have a great team promoting this album, and I think that's real important because you can make a great CD, but if nobody knows about it, it won't go to far; Actually we have two radio promoters here in the US promoting "Chip Chip;" Jerry Duncan (Nashville Radio Promoter). He's promoted artist such as Alan Jackson, Faith Hill and
Brad Paisley to name a few; He wanted R.D. to send him the album first before he decided to promote me; He thought the production and quality of the songs were great and it was after he listened to the CD that he made the decision to promote me so I'm real honored that he's working with me! and then my secondary Radio promoter is Alan Young; He's been in the business for more then 30 years! They're both great guys! Also we have Lisa Berg of "Berg and Associates" working the PR side of things. She brings with her 4 years of experience at Walt Disney and previously was with Jeff Walker and Associates and has just recently opened her own firm. Bill and I both are excited about the release!

I of course always tend to record country and country/blues type songs and I do have some mainstream type songs on this album, but they always tend to have that country sound. That's one thing that Frank Del of the "Country Legends Association" said about me; no matter what I sing, I sound country! They're organization by the way, have been just wonderful to me! I've had such great artist as Rich Fagan, Grundy country Auction, Becky Hobbs, and Billy Yates, Choices, contribute songs for my new project. Last but not least, I thought it would be great to end my album with a gospel song "Satisfied." I have never recorded a gospel song before even though that's what I started singing first was gospel. (I have recorded gospel demo's) but never had a gospel tune on my albums. I am real excited about it's release, which will be late summer.

JM: Well, Rustie, I wish you all of the best with your new release.

RB: Thank you Jim! I sure appreciate all of the support and friendship that you have given to me.


Jim Moulton ( guit_30@yahoo.com )


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