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Shania Twain Concert In Frankfurt Sold Out
by: Christian Lamitschka, Contributing Journalist/Germany

"I love being on tour. Somehow these Live-Shows are the biggest reward", she says. "I can read from peoples' faces what my music and my songs mean to them. I myself am enthusiastic about music, it touches me when I sit anywhere and listen to it. Music gets me high. When I realize in the faces of the audience that they are touched in a similar way, then I know that I am doing exactly what I came for."

Therefore it was only logic that the Festhalle in Frankfurt was sold out. The fans, aged 8 to 80 gave Shania Twain ovations from the start of the concert. "Man I Feel Like A Woman" was a truly explosive start to the concert followed by the song "UP!". 

Concerning her album "UP! Shania Twain says: "The complete album had a different development process from "Come On Over". We were much more on the road and included musical elements and inspirations from all corners of this world in this album. There were, for example, some Indian musicians working with us when we recorded in Mumbai, India. Some recordings with American musicians took place in the Caribbean, one with an orchestra of 40 musicians in Ireland; and with other musicians in Italy. In the process of songwriting we jumped from city to city - Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Rome, we were in the Provence and on the Grenadine Islands. This time the music was developed in smaller parts, but over a longer period of time."

The concert continued with songs like "Honey I'M Home", "Forever", "Woman In Me" - at this point she took an excursion into the audience - and "That Don't Impress Me" - where, for a brief second, she could not remember the lyrics.

In Europe Shania Twain made many new fans with her album "UP!". It was the long awaited follow-up album after "Come On Over", the most successful solo-album of a female artist of all times with the sensational sale of 34 million copies worldwide.

Would the new album be equally successful? Was the question at that time. It was already clear then, that Shania created one of the most electrifying and most ambitious projects of the new millennium. Full of energy and supported by the feeling of fresh creativity a spectacular new album was created - written together with her husband and producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange.

In the meantime, almost 70 weeks after the release, one knows a lot more. For example that the album, which has been sold 800.000 times in Germany to date touched people as few other albums did last year. Since its release it never went out of the Top 50 of the German Media Control Charts (Info 15. März 2004). During this time it even was 27 weeks in the Top 10 of those Charts. It is also unusual that the album was Number One in the German Charts 40 weeks, almost on year after its release, for the first time. The fact that the first version of "UP!", a double album, in the meantime achieved double platinum is also remarkable. In August 2003 the album was also released as a single CD - which came under the new IFPI regulations for valuables - by those this version also almost achieved double platinum by now! Last but not least, in the beginning of 2004 Shania went on her first big Germany Tour - and electrified more than 100.000 fans during her triumphal march through seven sold-out arenas.

Why this is like that? Very simple! She is not afraid of getting close to her audience. This shows for example when fans are invited onto the stage, as it happened during the song "I'm Outta Here", when a young lady was allowed onto the stage and immediately encouraged by Shania to sing along or when she signs numerous autographs during the concert. 

That Shania understands her fans also becomes evident through the fact, that there are three different double CDs of "UP!" on the market in order to pay tribute to her worldwide audience. Shania explains the reason for that as follows: "Why shouldn't I give the public and the fans not what they accept, what they want and what they expect from me? I simply do not have only country fans, I do not only have pop fans; my success is not limited to Northern America, it is international. Therefore we produced three different CDs. One presents Country and will be liked by my Country fans - simply Shania. The Pop CD is completely Pop - music which is simply natural for us. And then there is the international CD, which reflects a very Latin American/Asian feeling and at the same time sounds very interesting and creative. It is the contrast between my voice and these various mixes that is so exciting. It is as if we did three albums in two years. Nobody has ever done that before and I am very proud!"

The evening in Frankfurt ended with a big firework which had already been started every now and then during the concert by various other songs and two encores - "Any Man Of Mine" and "Rock This Country".

Christian Lamitschka Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de

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