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An Interview with Sisters Wade
By CSO European Contributing Journalist, Christian Lamitschka.

CL: These girls are new on the market there names are Julie and Debbie, Debbie please tell us about yourself.

Debbie: Weıre Sisters Wade. We play country music with kind of a bluegrass feel to it, our band is acoustic. We have been together about six years. Julie and I write a lot of the music we perform. This is our second record out and we put our first record out in 1999. Weıre just really excited about getting our second project out there, hopefully people will listen to it.

CL: Julie howıs your current CD doing?

Julie: Well it hasnıt been released yet. Our first single comes out June 14th or 15th, then the CD will be released August 17th so we are really excited about it. Itıs been a labor of love and hopefully people will like it.

CL: How did you pick the title of your new CD and is there a story behind it?

SW: Well it's called "Walls of Time" which is an old Bill Monroe song and we've done it for a long time and we love it. We thought it fit, the song can have a lot of meanings but for me the song is about a love that endures past death. Some people have a hard time promising till death do us part. These people are promising even when I'm dead we are going to be together. I think that it's a really neat sentiment in a song that somebody could feel that way about somebody. It's a great song people love it when we do it and it's lasted through many years, I mean Bill Monroe wrote it a long time ago.

CL: Julie, what is the difference between the two of you and other artists?

Julie: I think what really makes us special is the way we sing together it's really different and by being sisters we sing harmony pretty much through. It's a little more bluesy maybe. I don't know I think it might just be the way we sing together.

CL: Debbie ,explain to us the type of show that the fans will see at your concert.

Debbie: At our concerts we usually bring our band, we're an acoustic band so bass, , mandolin guitar, guitar and drums the music is pretty energetic it's definitely not bluegrass it's more country with bluegrass. We usually do a bunch of stuff that we've written but we also do some standards that people seem to love that we've made our own arrangements to make them our own and to add variety and of course our personality. They get that too.

CL: Now we come to a very important question Julie, I'm sure you male fans would like to know if you are single and if so, what do they need to do to catch your heart?

Julie: Well I am married but we are seriously looking for a man for my sister. If he has a job that would be good, if he was sweet and had a job that would be good.

CL: So Debbie would you like him to have more than a job?

Debbie: If he has a job it puts him in the running, but somebody who's romantic, energetic and doesn't mind a singer in the family.

CL: How can your fans keep in touch with you?

SW: Well our website is www.sisterswade.com we have e-mail there you can come see us in Murfreesboro, come look us up.

CL: Debbie can you tell us about both of your musical roots?

Debbie: Weıve listened to lots of music growing up. We listened to country music. My dad was a big fan of Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard and Charlie Pride so that was always in the house. Our mom loved Emmylou Harris. We had a bunch of Emmylou Harris records. I think she has probably influenced us the most, you canıt help but to be influenced by everybody but stylistically our music is influenced by Emmylou Harris.

CL: Julie which moments of your career stand out for you?

Julie: I think one of the biggest was probably playing the Opry. It was a total blur but it was really exciting. Weıre originally from Massachusetts and their just happened to be a lot of people from Massachusetts in the audience, so it was really a special night.

Debbie: And we met Emmylou Harris!!!

Julie: We got to meet her a couple of years a go, that was pretty neat.

CL: What has been your greatest challenge so far in the music business?

SW: The biggest challenge has been the kind of music we do, we tend to do more acoustic. Five years ago our music was considered more left of center and I think the music environment has changed a little bit so weıre not considered so left of center anymore which is kinda funny. We've even had people call us mainstream so we're like WOOO! So I think our biggest challenge is that we tend to be more a traditional act and that's been a challenge for us to get played on radio but weıre hoping next time that doesnıt happen. 

CL: How can European booking agents get a hold of you?

S.W: They can contact Aristo Media to book us.

CL: What do you think about country music today verses it's roots and what direction do you think it's headed?

SW: It seems right now there is a change, there's a lot more space for different kinds of music. You still hear the kinda Pop Country that's been popular for a while, now your hearing a lot more Alan Jackson type of music. There's a lot more artist doing bluegrass now and they are signing artists that are doing that.. I think there are people that want to hear bluegrass more. I mean Alison Krauss has had an amazing year, I think country music is changing, I think it will always keep developing.Itıs kind of going to a more rootsy world as opposed to the more pop world right now. Worlds are according to Deb, I could be totally wrong on that.

Julie: There definitely seems more of an openness, then there's someone like Mindy Smith, I don't know were I would put that but it's really being embraced which is great personally I think there's room for everybody, I think everybody else is realizing it too.

CL: Julie how would you explain what country music is?

Julie: I can't say what it is for everybody else but what it is for me is great stories. It's melody is very important too but it has great stories about regular people having difficulty or being happy. The story is what has always touched me it's everybody. Some of the songs we've written are very personal. I like pop music but half the time I don't know what the language is I know it's English but it doesn't mean anything to me. I don't understand what it's saying, but country music you know immediately what the story is about.

CL: Debbie what is your personal interpretation of country music?

Debbie: I think right now country music is trying to embrace a certain feel, a certain vibe in terms of what the songs are about. You hear a lot of patriotism in songs, blue collar working man I think you hear a lot of that. I think that was what country music was about in the 50's and 60's that seemed to be a really popular theme. People are kind of embracing that again. I think that is what country music is really about itıs about living everyday. What makes it country to your ears is the instrumentation of a steel guitar, fiddle or maybe a banjo, maybe not a banjo those are musical sounds that are at home in country music you didn't hear a lot of steel guitar before country music dobros are coming back years ago it was kind of a bluesy thing. I think the country sound is in the instrumentation.

CL: Julie what do you bring to country music?

Julie: I think we bring several things, our own writing, that's different from what other people will do because it is very personal. The way we sing together we have very tight feeling harmony. I think our roots and instrumentation is somewhere between bluegrass and old country like the "Oh Brother Were Art Thou". People said oh thatıs bluegrass, but that's country music, how country music used to sound.

Debbie: Our experiences get interpreted in our music. We are hoping to bring that to people that people can get to know us, and country music through our interpretation of it.

CL: What does the future hold for you ladies?

SW: We are hoping that the rest of the world will embrace our first single and that it will shoot up the charts, then when the record comes out, people will go buy it and be able to go out and tour and support the record like the first time. Hopefully keep bringing more music and be successful at it without the success part it really is hard to keep doing it. We'd like to go in and make another one we hope this will keep building on the last, we sure love it, love getting out meeting so many different people and hope it continues.

CL. Thank you wonderful ladies for this interview.

Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )

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