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Lynne Taylor Donovan
Pacific Records Ltd. ( Canada )
Current album: Talk To Me

Lynne Taylor Donovan isn't the least bit hesitant to admit that she has been in this business for twenty years already. Actually, if I looked like her, I wouldn't be afraid to admit it either. There is an elegant grace about her and she is strikingly beautiful. Donovan is an extremely articulate, talented songwriter and a great singer who also holds a degree in psychology. This personable, Canadian beauty, has established herself as a staple on the indie country music charts around the world; especially in Europe .

For the past few years she has created quite a stir overseas, particularly in places like England, The Netherlands, and Belgium. Her current album was created, in part, in response to the success of the singles that were released overseas. She has had several number one singles in Australia, France, and Holland. Donovan has also had top ten hits in Scandinavian countries, Scotland, Italy and on the indie charts in the United States. She is frequently on the European "Most Played Artist" charts and at one point, managed to stay in the top twenty for fifteen weeks straight.

She is perplexed by the lack of acceptance in North America , including her own country, but not distraught over it. After all, she has been able to sustain her career for all this time without support from a major label or air play on major radio stations in the United States and Canada. She says that "the truth of the matter is that I really like being an indie artist because it affords me tremendous creative freedom." She has done really well over the years and continues to do so. "Talk To Me" went all the way to number three on the indie charts only two weeks after it's release. It also charted in the top forty on the Canadian charts and is in the top ten in nine European countries including the United Kingdom. "Make It On My Own," also from this album, rose to number five on the U.S. Christian charts earlier this year.

In addition to her other talents, Donovan discovered last year that she is as comfortable in front of a television camera as she is on a stage. As the mother of a special needs child, she got involved with a project that resulted in the job as host of a documentary series titled "Anything Is Possible." The six part mini-series focused on people with special needs and she is proud to be associated with this excellent, educational endeavor. The series initially aired in Alberta and British Columbia in the fall of 2003 and then in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in January of 2004. Donovan says she loved hosting the series and was pleased to be involved with a project that was so well done.

Donovan says that the very first artist who truly inspired her was Susan Jacks of the Poppy Family, "She recorded a song titled 'Which Way You Goin' Billy' and she had the most beautiful, emotional voice that I had ever heard up to that point in my life" she told me. "Later, it was Patsy Cline who inspired me because she was so independent and so totally different from any of the other singers of her time" Donovan continued. "I truly admired that about Patsy and I aspired to be like her in the sense that I felt she was always true to herself and not afraid to just be who she was."

When I asked her what it is about her that gives her the confidence to keep doing what she does, she responded that it really isn't a matter of choice for her. She loves it and it is all she has ever done and she can't imagine not doing it. She says that "having people respond positively to my music or lyrics is the big payoff for me." This is why she enjoys touring in Europe and Australia so much. Their radio play lists are still determined only by request. "They don't care what label you’re on or how many CDs you've sold, they just play the songs that their listeners request and it means so much to me, as an artist, to know that people are enjoying my music," she says. Their charts are also determined by listener request so she has actually been able to chart higher than Shania Twain a couple of times which is, in her words, "an exciting head rush and a magnificent validation!" "In Europe" she reiterates, "talent truly is the only requirement for success and I wish it were that way everywhere. With the current play list system in North America, there are so many unbelievably talented people that no one will ever hear. It's truly unfortunate."

At the end of our interview we had a few moments to talk. I was telling Donovan the story of my first visit to Nashville and how I just wanted to retrace the footsteps of Willie and Pasty from the back steps of the Ryman to Tootsies; just to be able to say that I walked where they walked -- hoping to absorb some of the residual talent karma they may have left on that path. Donovan's face lit up as I spoke and I could sense the wheels of artistic creativity turning. "Ya know," she said with a smile so electric that it probably could actually light up a room, "that's a great idea for a song."

That's Lynne Taylor Donovan. She, most assuredly possesses the "three c's" that you will find in every successful artist. She is incredibly charismatic, extraordinarily creative, and positively captivating.

Feature article by Cheryl Harvey Hill

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