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Chris Young at 3rd and Lindsley
Journalist/Photographer: Helen Neal

One of the joys of living in Nashville is the ability to pick a night and pick a venue and go hear some great music. That's testimony to the fierce competition in this town - a not so joyful situation for an up and coming artist.

You know Chris Young is gaining attention as an artist when you walk into a full house at 3rd and Lindsley on a cold, rainy Monday night. With a well-rounded band backing him, Chris delivered a set that warmed the room quickly. All that applause generates heat.

Being there early in the developing career of an artist with major potential is another plus of being a Music City resident. Young has what it takes to make it for the long haul - looks, songwriting ability and "good chops" - in other words he's handsome, he writes outstanding songs and he has a great voice.

That great voice, matched well with songs that he's written made for an evening of fine music. From the yearning "I Wish I Was Lying" to the honky-tonk lament "Drinking Me Lonely," Young matched the
wide range of his voice with the extensive range of his writing abilities. "The Devil's Thumbprint" with its Tex-Mex undertones is radio-ready right now, as are others in his catalog. And every country songwriter needs to be able to poke some fun. The "Food Groups" does just that with its punch line of "6 servings of grain from Jack Daniels' Whiskey.

Acknowledging Randy Travis as one of his influences, he covered one of Travis' lesser-known hits, "Last Night She Picked the Bottle Over Me." The song showcased Young's exceptional baritone. Another of my favorites, though not written my Young, was the waylonesque "Hell No, Heaven Yes."

Many of the songs that Young writes seem to be drawn from a lifetime of experiences - the heart and soul of country music. The years he may not have, but the heart and soul he does. He writes country songs and he sings them - solidly.

Watch for this young artist's ascending star - and down the road you can say that you heard about him first on www.CountryStarsOnline.com

Visit Chris Young at www.ChrisYoungCountry.com

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Thanks for the great review! Although I couldn't make Chris Young's show at 3rd and Lindsley, you named the songs and described his delivery in such a way I could close my eyes and imagine I was there! The photos only enhanced your words!

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