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Glenn Cummings - Big CD Release Party  
Helen Neal, Journalist

To get the big picture on an artist, you need to do more than listen to the CD or read the press kit. Even an interview doesn't paint the brush strokes to all the corners - you've got to see a live performance.

Country Stars Online was at the album release party for Glenn Cummings' debut effort on the Gulf Coast label. And that experience certainly filled out the picture and framed our positive feelings for this artist in a big way.

No way around it, when it comes to Cummings, you've got to think big. His debut album is titled Big,"as is his first single. And he is big - 6'5"without the boots and hat.

Add to that description - dynamic, charismatic, engaging, solid performer, audience-winning - and the focus sharpens.

Taking the stage before an S.R.O. crowd at the S.I.R. venue, Cummings quickly captured the audience with his style and his substance. A pleasing baritone, he delivered a rock solid performance of the cuts on the album.

Cummings showed his energy and passion on the rocking titles on the album - especially "Big." He moved well around the stage, effectively using it from edge to edge. Though this was a release party for a debut album, it's obvious that he's not a rookie, but a well-grounded, experienced performer. 

Though Cummings can paint bold strokes on a musical canvas to fill our senses, he's just as adept with the softer toned ballads that can fill our hearts. "If I was an Angel" and "Loving You is Easy" show his easy, pleasing versatility.

Two of the songs will have you looking for a favorite dance floor. "She's Gone" cries for line dance choreography, and "Jeans" is one of the best two-stepping songs I've heard in a long time.

One of my favorite titles wasn't included in the show. My guess is that it was considered too solemn for a fun party evening. "The One's Left Behind" acknowledges the pain caused by the loss of a loved one. Be sure to catch it on the album.

The album review party was a very satisfying evening, one that cinched our view that Cummings definitely has the potential to be a long-term artist. 

For more on Glenn - http://www.gccountry.com 

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