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An Interview with Chris Young
By CSO French Contributing Journalist, HťlŤne Dagorn.

HD : Could you introduce yourself for the European readers ?

CY : My name is Chris Young, and Iím from Tennessee in the United States. Iím a full time singer/songwriter and a full time college student. Iíve been touring the United States since I was 16, and Iím now 20.

HD : Your current album was released last year, could you talk about it and do you think to release another album in a near future?

CY : ďI Wish I Was LyiníĒ was released in June 2004 during the CMA Music Festival (thank you for giving it airplay there). Weíve had great success with it, and it contained songs that I had co-written. Ever since then, Iíve been working on songs for the next release which was originally scheduled for June 2005, but the date has been pushed back to fall. We werenít quite finished with some of the songs and didnít want to rush the recording.

HD : You are a songwriter, where does your inspiration come from?

CY : Another writer once told me to write about things I know (or have experienced.) At first, I thought that meant things I had personally experienced, but Iíve learned it also means things Iíve watched others experienced. The song ďHeís My DadĒ is about my relationship with my step-dad, and it definitely illustrates how my music comes from my real life.

HD : I saw you perform at the CMA Music Festival, and you have a wonderful voice. Do you train it a lot or is it just natural?

CY : I have about 10 years of classical voice training. In addition to a few vocal coaches in Tennessee, Iíve had master classes in New York and Miami. I was honoured to be the only bass in the 6 voice Gibson/Baldwin Grammy Jazz Choir that sang in New York for the Grammyís when I was 17. I tried out several styles of music, but I always came back to country because itís what I love.

HD : What do you think about CMA Music Festival ?

CY : To me, it will always be Fan Fair. Iím a CMA member, and the entire premise of the festival was to honor our fans. Without fans, we are nothing, and itís important to me to meet as many of them as I can. Iíll be there every year for as long as I can.

HD : Have you been to Europe ? Or do you have some project in the future ?

CY : At 17, I took a trip to London, England and to Paris, France. I would love to come back to France and spend more time there. The people were wonderful, and Iím an artist at heart. Paris was filled with art, music and dancing Ė I didnít get to stay long enough to see everything I wanted to see. I havenít been able to make any touring plans for Europe at this point, mainly because of my college schedule, but I will be there within the next few years for sure. If the right opportunity presented itself now, Iíd be there sooner.

HD : How do you define the style of music you are playing ?

CY : I think my music is definitely traditional country. I grew up listening to Lefty Frizzell, Marty Robbins, and Eddie Arnold, and their smooth style is something Iíve always loved.

HD : Who are some of your musical influences ?

CY : Marty Robbins, Lefty Frizzell, Keith Whitley, Randy Travis, Daryl Worley.

HD : What do you prefer: singing, writing, performing ?

CY : Singing and performing are what came naturally to me. Iíve been doing them since I can remember. Writing is more a labor of love.

HD : What are your feelings about todayís music industry ?

CY : I think that with the internet growing, our boundaries are not what they used to be. You can be successful without a large record label behind you. While I would still love to have a record deal in Nashville, I donít think that will keep me from continuing to make my music.

HD : Which image do you have about Country Music in Europe ?

CY : I know from the people whom I have met during Fan Fair, there are lots of fans there. From the internet, Iíve met a few other indie artists from different parts of Europe, so I know there are lots of festivals like we have here in the states. I believe in the next few years, the country industry will realize that country music is growing there. Iíve love to be a part of that.

HD : Which CD are playing right now ?

CY : Keith Whitley. 

HD : What would you like to do in your life that you have never done ?

CY : Have a "gold" record. 

HD : What is your personal philosophy ?

CY : You have to work hard to get to your goal, and being told no a thousand times will not matter once you hear the record company say yes.

HD : What will be your plans for next months ?

CY : Iím going to continue singing and songwriting and get the next CD out. I have 2 years left before I can graduate from the university, so Iíll be working hard there also.

HD : Is there anything else we did not cover that you would like to talk about ?

CY : Please tell everyone I would love to meet them next year during Fan Fair, and Iím working to get my CD where it can be distributed over there a little easier. We should have it available through CD Baby (www.cdbaby.com) within the next few weeks, and they ship internationally. In the meantime, everyone can contact me at chrisyoungcountry@yahoo.com Ė my website is www.ChrisYoungCountry.com

Thanks Chris 

HťlŤne Dagorn - helene.dagorn@club-internet.fr 


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