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Chris Young - An Acoustic Country Christmas 
Album Review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill

Located: Nashville, TN
Website: www.ChrisYoungCountry.com
MP3 Song Sample: The Christmas Song 

With each new venture, this brilliantly talented young man never ceases to astound me. From the first time I heard him sing (less than a year ago) to this latest project, I am constantly amazed by his talent, his drive and his remarkable passion for country music. What is even more amazing is that this special Christmas album is the third album that he has created, and produced himself, in the past three years. That fact might equally astound you too when you realize that this young artist is barely out of his teens.

On his special Christmas album, Young delivers five wonderful songs, four classics and one original Christmas song by Chris Gray, with only the accompaniment of a guitar; hence the title. His delightful baritone voice delivering a Christmas carol is enough to get anyone in the holiday spirit.

The album kicks off with a most pleasing rendition of "The Christmas Song" and then Young picks up the pace with "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas." The third song on the album is a beautiful new Christmas song with a humble message from an artist who is certain to be a star one day.

"O Holy Night" is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs and I never get tired of hearing it. Many artists have recorded this song with a large orchestra backing them but Young's version, accompanied only by his guitar, is elegant in its simplicity.

The last song on the album is a soulful interpretation of "Away in a Manger." With Young's magnificent voice delivering the message of the season, this album will definitely leave you feeling blessed.

Give yourself a really special Christmas present ... surf on over to www.ChrisYoungCountry.com and buy An Acoustic Country Christmas. I can absolutely promise you that you won't be disappointed AND as an extra added bonus, in the future, when he is named "Entertainer of the Year," you will be able to say that you knew him "when."

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Real People Reviews

Chris's fans have been requesting a Christmas CD for 3 or 4 years and he delivered this year! What a great addition to any Christmas music collection! "A Star" is one of my very favorites but he does "Away In a Manger" like only Chris can do -- with excellence! The artwork is great and the music is outstanding. This CD made it into many Christmas stockings this year! Thank you for listening to the fans, Chris. 
Terri Thompson

I sent my parents in California a copy of Chris Young's "An Acoustic Christmas" CD along with their Christmas card and a few gifts. The only thing my father commented on was the CD. My father is a really difficult sell when it comes to singers. He's not in the industry, just knows what he likes. His response was a resounding "this guy is pretty good." Sounds
lukewarm, but you've got to know my father to appreciate that this was the highest form of praise he ever gives to any singer. So, with that, you know this CD is AWESOME!
Meri Kock - Nashville, TN

Words cannot express the enjoyment I got from this CD. Chris has really outdone himself with this and the only thing I didn't like was that it only had 5 songs on it. Chris Young continues to improve and evolve as a singer and this is his best work yet! There should also be some praise for whoever did the recording and producing on this CD. Its extremely clear and if you close your eyes you could swear Chris was performing right there in the room with you! Great work everyone and I look forward to more in the future!
A very pleased fan,

It's no surprise to me that this is a great Christmas CD because all of Chris's music is great. I can't describe his phenomenal voice, you must hear it for yourself. There are 4 classic and 1 original Christmas songs on the CD, the original song, "A Star", is worth the price of the CD by itself. It's impossible for me to pick a favorite song from the CD because I love them all. Whatever song Chris Young happens to be singing is my favorite at that moment. Do yourself a favor and add this CD to your collection of Christmas music.
Dale (South Carolina)

When I first played this CD I knew I was in for a treat as I am a huge fan of Chris's and have all his CD's. Well let me just say that I was even more impressed than I had anticipated. This CD by far exceeds any expectations one may have. Chris's voice just shines on each and every one of these songs. When listening to O' Holy Night, I am mesmerized each and every time. The warmth and the smoothness of Chris's voice has a way of capturing your Christmas Spirit in this song. All I can say, is you must add this rare addition to your holiday collection as it is one of a kind. I bought several to give as gifts this Christmas and what better gift to give, than the inspiration of music and the sound of Chris Young echoing throughout your homes. 
Tammy from Wisconsin

I have all of Chris's CD's and I have to say this is one of my favorites. He has a voice like no other and to hear him sing on this album puts you in the Christmas spirit. I like to put it on at night and it relaxes me so I sleep like a baby. He has the smoothest voice you will ever encounter and he is on his way to true fame besides the fact that he is an awesome guy. He has the personality to go with his amazing talent. Once you hear & meet him you have to love him :) You go Chris! Tammy Stephenson

I absolutely love the CD! Chris did an amazing job on all the songs! It's definitely my favorite Christmas CD! :) 
Miranda - Athens, AL

Chris' smooth, rich baritone voice will make you wish that it is Christmas all year round. The acoustic guitar plays the part it should, as an accompaniment, to the warm tones of a voice that you will never tire of listening to. In the second chorus of "The Christmas Song", when you hear his voice FLY on "to see if reindeer really know how to fly", you will know that you have just heard an amazingly accomplished and talented singer. From the first cut, to the final touching emotion of "Away In The Manager" you will find a Christmas CD to be treasured for years! I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves music!
DJ Devin - San Diego, California

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