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Indie Artist Spotlight

Crista Lynn

Located: Stockbridge, GA
Song Sample: Every Angel In Heaven 

Stylistically speaking, Crista Lynn’s voice is a distinctive, rare combination of under-stated tone and edgy texture that is reminiscent (but not a repeat) of classic female country artists like Sylvia, Deana Carter and Barbara Mandrell. From the interpretative standpoint, Crista Lynn wrings every ounce of lyrical emotion out of a song, whether a delicate love-ballad or fun up-tempo romp with fiddle and guitars blazing.

The consummate entertainer, Crista Lynn can best be described in one word……engaging. At first, her inherent beauty with flowing hair and gracefully slender body arrests the audience’s attention. Then drawing upon her skills as Crista Lynn she incorporates just-the-right choreography into every stage performance in a manner that virtually “draws” the audience onstage with her.

Whether in the studio or onstage, it is clearly evident, Crista Lynn has an almost reverent-like respect for the traditions of country music. Unlike many of today’s “here today gone tomorrow” female artists, Crista Lynn works incessantly at keeping her music true to the tradition and real to the people. She accomplishes this by ensuring hat each song in her vast repertoire is more meaningful than those repetitive “ditties” all too common on country radio.

Always the laid-back realist, Crista Lynn knows that the road to stardom can be as long as the gravel roads she grew up in Georgia. But her determined spirit, strong faith and enviable work ethic make her confident that her place in the spotlight is inevitable.

Upon hearing her voice and watching her perform only once. It is indeed inevitable that Crista Lynn is destined to leave a lasting musical legacy in the hearts and minds of country music lovers everywhere.

Crista Lynn is a seventeen year old from Stockbridge, GA., her website www.cristalynn.com is her official internet home. For more information and tour schedule please see her website.

Fan Feedback:

My husband and I went to a bar in Smyrna, GA last night and heard Crista Lynn for the first time. We were very impressed with her performance, that I bought all 5 of her CD's. She sings the country that we love to listen to. I do so hope that she makes it as a country singer, as it would be a shame to not be able to listen to her beautiful voice pelt out a great country song.
~ Brenda and Buster


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