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Indie Artist Spotlight

Jaci Rae

Located: Santa Cruz, CA 
MP3 Song Sample: Where I used To Have A Heart 


Jaci Rae: Singer, Writer...Renaissance Woman...It would have been enough, more than enough, for anyone with an incredible voice and a dream. Win the GMAs Female Vocalist of the Year...earn the prestigious Levi Strauss award...garner a bunch of other industry accolades...release some fantastic CDs as Jaci has and the average person could have died then with a great, big smile on their face.  Jaci Rae is not your average person.
She is that rare woman in command of a range of creative skills, thoroughly able to impact the world with each one.  When Jaci started out as a child in the music business, she had little idea how to launch her own music career and no one to help guide her.

She was an outsider’s outsider.  There were, after all, no manuals on the subject. Faced with those kinds of impossible odds, the hopes of hundreds of thousands of other would-be stars have withered on the vine and died. It only made Jaci all the more determined.
Several years later of trial and error yielded success, great success in fact. To date, Jaci has achieved four number one singles and a number one spot on the CMA charts in Europe.

Her latest CD, Can't Push a River, is a critical and commercial success. Said DJ, Chris Allen, from Big Kat 98.9 in Minnesota: “There is so much heart and soul in Jaci's music! Incredible CD!”

More praise followed.

“This is a great CD. The first 2 songs are especially Terrific. All in all it's a great CD and should do well for her,” said Grand Ole Opry Star, Ernie Ashworth.

And from across the pond, Raymond Phillips from Country Harvest Radio in Australia said, “Can’t Push a River is truly a first class product, something Jaci can really be proud of from the first to the last track!” And the list goes on!
Cutting a Path to Music Success…Then Mapping the Way... Not everyone can write. Fortunately, Jaci Rae can. With that talent, she has given others the roadmap to music success she never had.  It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Music Success.

To many hopefuls, it is the single missing piece in their music career puzzle. Forget American Idol!  Just go to her website:  www.jacirae.com and you will see the glowing reports from music industry success stories she has helped with her guide!
Helping relationships succeed is another of Jaci’s crusades.  The fact that so many marriages crash and burn is an issue with her. With all the science available, the answer to the divorce epidemic still eludes us. 

Jaci knew that and struggled to come up with her own style for instructing principles of communication in relationships.  She found it in football, of all places.

Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown At A Time, is an original work, a refreshing, slightly tongue-in-cheek comparison of football and relationships that gives men and women a memorable way of visualizing male/female action and reaction.

With glowing reviews by such prestigious newspapers as The Washington Post stating: “The award-winning singer's 10th book tackles the subject of improving romantic relationships. Cleverly using football plays, scrimmage strategies, and tactical maneuvers as analogies, she shows the male reader how to score big points with their woman,” - Richard Leiby, Reliable Source - The Washington Post, you know this book has what it takes!
Renaissance Lady…With all of these accomplishments coming at a very early age, Jaci remains grateful for her blessings and excited about the future.  A Renaissance Woman is someone accomplished in a number of fields, including the arts and sciences. What a perfect way to describe Jaci Rae.

To hear samples of Jaci’s music, purchase CD’s and books and more information on Jaci Rae’s television, in-stores meet and greets, concerts and radio appearances, please go to: www.jacirae.com  

Jaci’s music is also available on CD Baby as well as iTunes and other download sites and can be purchased at Tower Records, Barnes and Nobles, Borders and many other fine retail establishments around the country.

Jaci Rae Distribution:  Rock-Bottom Distributing, 770-814-8868
Sales and Marketing information: Harvey Cooper/Greg Steffen,

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