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Indie Artist Spotlight

Kelly Lang

Located: Nashville, TN
Song Sample: Goodbye Darlin' (Tribute to Conway Twitty) MP3 file



Few careers have had closer brushes with well deserved superstardom than that of Kelly Lang whose name and beautiful face are instantly recognized by country music fans. Her debut single for Destiny Row Records “Goodbye Darlin’” is proof that for everything there is indeed a season. The heartfelt tribute to Conway Twitty comes from an artist who grew up in the very shadow of this imposing legend.   


One of four children, Lang was born in Oklahoma . Her dad, Velton Lang, worked with Twitty as his road manager for more than 25 years. She recalls, “As a little girl, I used to sit on the side of the stage with my dad and watch Conway perform and I remember thinking to myself, now that’s what I want to do when I grow up!”    


She recorded her first Billboard single, “Lady, Lady” at the age of 15 and grabbed the attention of Country Music Television. Much to her surprise and delight, CMT offered to produce her first video and incorporate it into their programming. This was a relatively new concept at the time and the additional exposure provided by the video helped her establish a solid, and ever expanding, fan base. 


The dark haired, green-eyed beauty was poised on the very edge of major stardom when she garnered national attention as a frequent guest on the highly popular Nashville Now with Ralph Emery. Her ability to pull in major viewer mail and acquire such a large following led her to Ed McMahon’s Star Search where she easily made the finals. Star Search also gave her a unique stage where she could deliver her vibrant, pure country vocal style to a more mainstream audience.  


Confident and comfortable onstage, Lang launched into more national spotlights: The Statler Brothers Show, Church Street Station, Fantasy, and Pickin’ in the Paradise and became a much in demand young artist for virtually every Nashville based production of the day including Music City Tonight, with Crook & Chase. 


As the divorced mother of two beautiful daughters she has found immense joy and inspiration in the role of motherhood. Her unique creativity is reflected in her songwriting and in her painting – a talent accidentally discovered when a friend gave her an oil painting kit as a gift just a few years ago. No one was more amazed than she was when she took her very first oil painting to a studio to have it framed and the owner of the studio asked if he could buy it from her. Today the sale of her paintings is the source of additional income for her and her family. 


Lang is equally adept at songwriting and was fortunate enough to sign with a label that would allow her the freedom to use her own material. She is proud of the fact that she wrote, or co-wrote, nine of the twelve songs that are on the album, and rightfully so. Her songs, like her paintings, are fashioned from a colorful palette of emotion and replicate the beauty, depth and passion of their creator. “Single Mother,” which relates the story and challenges of raising her two young daughters alone, is the perfect example. This song has struck an empathetic chord among the ranks of single mother’s around the world that are grateful to Lang for giving them a "voice."    


Lang says, “We captured the exact sound I wanted—I was true to myself—and ended up with a project I am totally proud of, no matter the outcome.”  For Kelly Lang, It’s About Time.


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