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Indie Artist Spotlight

Lindsey Ridener

Location: Brownsburg, IN
Genres: Country
Website: www.lindseyridener.com
Song Sample: In A Blink Of An Eye Love You 

I've known that I wanted to sing since I was 2 years-old and I haven't stopped since," admits Lindsey Ridener, a 21 year-old artist from Indiana. Her audiences have not stopped listening either. Lindsey has charmed crowds from private parties to ballparks with her deep blues voice and compassionate, country / pop style. "My high school friends wanted to do cheerleading and track," Lindsey says with a classic homegrown smile. "I just wanted to sing in the choir and do all the solos."

Lindsey's love for music is clearly evident in this showcase of her vocal talent —on her second professionally produced studio recording.  This second CD has been a blast”, ‘I feel so blessed to have worked with such wonderful talented people” Says Lindsey. There is such a variety of music on this CD. Lindsey can tantalize and then rock the house with this country spirited songs Like “Your Coffee’s On The Table” and “This Could Take All Night” and then bring you to your knees with “Fifteen Dollars And A Dime”. To top it off with singing her heart out on “A Love Worth Dying For”.

"I've always dreamed of doing this kind of production," Lindsey admits, "and I don't care if one person or one thousand hears it, as long as I touch just one soul with my voice, I'll be happy." Let Lindsey's voice touch you and you will hear why she's never stopped singing...


Lindsey is getting Country radio airplay across the US and Australia , listen to "In A Blink Of An Eye Love You". That is climbing the US Charts. If you haven’t heard  “In A Blink Of AN Eye Love You”  Call Your Local Country Radio Station and request it.


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CSO Review

Lindsey Ridener - Faith
Album review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

After listening to Faith, the newest album by the beautiful Lindsey Ridener, it's a safe bet that she is often told how much she sounds like megastar LeAnn Rimes -- because she does. Ridener's powerful voice and ample vocal range definitely invites, and justifies, the comparison. However, Ridener's alluring delivery exhibits a depth of sophistication that takes it to another level and gives each song a unique stamp as she effortlessly wraps her voice around the lyrics.

Ridener says she has wanted to sing since she was two years old and the vivacity she has for music is clearly apparent on this album. Whether she is belting out the rockin', harmonica driven, "Your Coffee's on the Table" or bringing you to tears in the impassioned ballad "A Love Worth Dying For." In this day when many artists rely on videos to get across the message of a song, Ridener only needs to sing for you to visualize the lyrics. She maneuvers the musical and emotional scales with equal ease and demonstrates a vocal range that is impressive without ever being forced.

I was disappointed to see that this album only contains five songs but as I reached out to hit the replay button, a well-known entertainment cliché came to mind, "always leave 'em wanting more." If that was the intent of Ridener then her strategy is as impressive and brilliant as her incredible voice and we all know how powerful a little Faith can be.

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