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Indie Artist Spotlight

Miko Marks

Home Town: Flint, Michigan
Song Sample: Freeway Bound (MP3)


Miko Marks has toured the states from California to Washington D.C. in 2005 to promote the release of her first album, Freeway Bound, and the single of the same name. Her music is playing in 14 countries and nearly 100 radio stations. It is truly time for women of color in Country Music. With lyrics that are optimistic and personal, delivered by crisp and powerful vocals, Miko is captivating on the soulful, "I Believe In You" and she’ll lift the spirit with, "Excited". But it is the title track that will have you grabbing the wheel and driving too fast!







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Fan Feedback:


I was in Nashville last month for some showcases at the Acuff Theatre and saw Miko and she was awesome! I really enjoyed her voice. 
~ Joanna

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