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Indie Artist Spotlight

Patti Hall

Album: Never Ask Why
Song Clip: "Settle Down Cinderella  " 
Official Website:


This power house vocalist is a Seattle native, home of grunge rock bands like Soundgarden and classic rock goddesses Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. The Pacific Northwest is full of talented artists. Patti’s hometown feel for rock music and love of country music helps explain why she went between Seattle and Nashville for her recent recording projects. The music that resulted has received rave reviews and even national radio airplay. Spring of 2007 brings the release of her music to European, Australian and New Zealand radio. Currently she’s working on a new CD that will include some original songs and take her back to Nashville this year for writing and studio time. 

Patti discovered her voice when she was in her early teens. People noticed and encouraged her to perform, and by the time she was 19 she was part of an acoustic duo performing at bars and local restaurants. In 1992, she started a classic rock band called Black Velvet, which played at numerous Northwest hot spots including The Brick Tavern from TV's Northern Exposure. In 1994, she went back to her acoustic roots and teamed with good friend Dean Backholm to form Backholm- Hall. Not your typical lounge act, they interpreted music from Linda Rondstat, The Eagles, and Loggins & Messina to Shawn Colvin, The Indigo Girls, Melissa Ethridge and contemporary country. They drew standing-room only crowds at trendy resorts.

In 2002, Patti sent a demo package to Nashville. They loved what they heard and encouraged her to come work on some songs that would appeal to major record labels. Teamed The Artist Development Group and well-known drummer and producer David Lyndon Huff (Giant), she completed a four-song demo that received rave reviews. Three of the songs were released as the EP "Sooner or Later" on Patti's independent label, Kelsey Creek Record Company. Two of the songs, "Settle Down Cinderella" and "Waitin' on a Train" were played on popular Seattle radio stations, and the city's most listened-to morning drive radio personality interviewed Patti and touted her music. National airplay for "Settle Down Cinderella" came the same year on the nationally syndicated "Radio Lia" show, including a live, on-air interview. Lia loved the song, and so did her audience.  
Patti's voice, described as being "like velvet" and a “beautiful contrast of subtlety and power all at the same time” shines through on her CD’s, “Sooner or Later” and “Never Ask Why”. 

Audio Interview

Patti Hall graciously took a little time out of her vacation to hop on the phone with CSO's Jim Weaver for a get acquainted session recently. The Seattle native talks about her home town, influences, the early days and her new project just under way.
Running Time: 15:32 - File Type: MP3



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Fan Feedback:

What a gorgeous woman with a gorgeous voice. I have a hunch we'll be hearing alot more from -- and about -- Patti Hall in the future!
~ River Cowgirl

LOVE THIS SONG!!!! She has a beautiful website too. Wow!
~ Marcie S.



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