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Indie Artist Spotlight

Rachel Rivero

Album: California Country - Big Valley
Song Clip: "Kisses Day And Night
Official Website:
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/112822456     

Rachel, the proud mom of five amazing kids, was born in San Francisco California and except for a two year stint in Missouri (going to college), she has lived California all her life. While Spanish was her first language, English is the main language she speaks in and out of her Merced home. Rachel has been singing since she was a little girl and because her childhood was tough she took to reading a lot and writing her feelings into poems at a young age. When she was 12, she wrote a song called "Froggy Had a Spider." Her rustic songwriting had begun. :-)

She sang in Christian country/rock bands, Chamber Choirs, worship bands and traveling ensembles while beginning her family and transitioning into adulthood. She likes being a mature singer/songwriter. She says, "When a 19 year old woman sings about lost love and life's heartaches there is a marked difference than when a full fledged woman sings the same themes. I am glad to have lived long enough now to be able to write songs about things that have happened in my life and other men and women will be able to fully relate."

She is excited because her first release, "Kisses Day and Night", from the debut EP California Country - Big Valley, is gaining momentum on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart and she hopes that being a Latina/Hispanic singer/songwriter will bring a new dimension to country music.†

On top of all that, being a Westerner gives her another angle on the whole country music scene; cowboys are a big deal in the Central Valley. California is the number one state in farming in the whole United States. It is the Cowboy Capital of the West Coast...ok...ok...second to Texas! ;-) †

Country music should have its own California girl and being the state with the largest Latin demographic, Rachel completes the puzzle! Check out her music, it's all original, all from the heart, and certainly, all California Country - from the heart of the Big Valley!

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Fan Feedback:

Cool tune you got there :)
~ Jeannie 

She has great lyrics and awesome vocals.
~ Jennifer

I am a big time country music fan and I really fell in love w/Rachelís music. A very talented singer and song writer, and with her great looks she is a complete package for the makings of a star. Way to go Rachel!
~ Daniel

I'm not usually a country music fan, however Rachel was so soulful and melodic I found myself drawn to her music. She is a revelation. I hope to hear more of her sound in the NEAR future.
~ Allyson

Beautiful! I loved it!!
~ Lori

Great voice, catchy tunes, this girl is good. No reason for her not to make it big. 
~ Nina - Redondo Beach, CA

What a beautiful voice. What a classic songwriter. In the tradition of Patsy Kline, Rachel Rivero shines as a true representative of country music. While so much of the genre has segued to aggressive cords and overlapping pop, she remains true to the 'country label'. Sure, engineering and technology has changed vocal presentation in all music formats. Studio Artists are a dime a dozen. But, remove all that 'help' and the artist must stand alone. Naked on a stage with only their craft. It's obvious that Rachel has the 'pipes', the talent, and most of all, the hunger, to do this. SHE IS SOLID COUNTRY! I expect her to have a long and thriving recording career! 
~ Waide

Music sounds great. Keep it coming! Come play in Culver City, LA!!
~ Caleb

Love it!!! It touches my heart and such an amazing woman and story! Let's giddyup all together now and get her music heard and to the top of the charts!!!! Who's with me?!!! Just share share share.
~ Jipsee

She may not be a coal miner's daughter, but Rachel can sing like one.
~ Keith

Sweet voice and lyrics. Rachel obviously has the talent and I donít usually listen to country.
~ Nicholas

Definitely one of the BEST Country Artists out there! I really enjoy listening to her music. She seem very real and the music comes from her heart. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to purchase this cd. I find it very enjoyable to listen to. 
~ Grazia 

Great Music! I'm not a country music fanatic, but she definetely makes me like country a lot more.
~ S.G.

Super Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!! HOT!!!! Oh and did I mention the music is AMAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!! Her music will make you think, laugh, cry & shake your booty! Imagine that all in one artist!!!! 
~ Mimi



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