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Indie Artist Spotlight

Rick Monroe

Location: Los Angeles, CA & Nashville, TN 
Song Sample: I Remember The Music (MP3)


Country singer-songwriter Rick Monroe possesses the ability to take life experiences that we all share and create songs that speak to his listeners. Monroe connects with his audiences and leaves them wanting more whether it is in an intimate setting with his acoustic guitar or a festival with his band halfway around the world. 

After two years of working with several Producers, Musicians, 
Studios and in a few different States, Monroe has finished his long awaited 3rd full length CD Against the Grain. The first single "Remember The Music" was written by: Ashley Gorley & Wade Kirby and produced by Clyde Brooks. Under Clyde's direction and a host of "Nashville's Finest", the sound picked up where "Shame" left off with even more of the Country, American Roots sound that Monroe has always pursued. Rick even took the helm with guitarist Jeff Marshall to produce several of the tracks as well as working with Craig Bartock & Harlen Lansky of Matrix Music Works. Monroe says: "As an artist I have attempted all types of music and feels but I've mainly tried to get that perfect blend of Country & Rock. That's why I did my 2nd CD "Shame" in Texas with some of the guys from the Texas Tornados. You know, that down home Heartland feel of Country with the thumping Heartbeat of Rock. With a little blues and soul thrown in for good measure. This CD is the most focused I've been on really getting a uniformed sound and picking the perfect group of songs. I've also taken a lot more time and have been very hands on. So I can only hope as a Country fan or just a plain ole music fan you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it".

Against the Grain reflects years of experience and growth that is only found in the most seasoned of artists. With his special blend of Showmanship, Contemporary & Classic Country, a dash of Southern Roots Rock and twist of Texas Swing, Monroe and his band have been kicking up a storm on the Country Dance Hall Scene. 

History: Monroe has an extensive touring history both domestically and internationally with an impressive list of 
countries performed in. He has played: Russia, Bosnia, Kosovo Macedonia, Hungry, Honduras, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Germany and England in addition to the United States. With an invitation from Pete Peterson, US Ambassador to Vietnam at the US / Vietnam Embassy, Monroe performed at the weeklong 4th of July celebrations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Mihn City. Monroe was honored to sing the US National anthem for the 5-year anniversary for the re-opening of diplomatic relations between the countries. It was the first time the anthem had been sung in Vietnam at a public event in 25 years. Monroe followed that up with a Command Performance for the former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev on the USS Sequoia Presidential Yacht, Washington, DC. This performance lead to a trip to Russia where Monroe performed for the children at several orphanages and was a featured performer on REN TV's Bulat Okudzhava Festival in Moscow, Russia.

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Fan Feedback:


I was lucky enough to catch Rick and the boys at Whiskey River this past Friday night. I bought 'Shame' and 'Against the Grain' the next day. I've never been a really big country fan, but Rick's got the right amount of southern rock, soul, and country. The guys put on a great show, I can't wait for them to hit Macon, GA again.


Rick Monroe is AWESOME. He has a Great sound, voice, songs and an Awesome Band. Not one of the songs on his “Against The Grain” CD shouldn’t be on the radio right now. “Remember The Music”, “Dancehall King”, “Wrapped In You”, “Runaway” and “Grace” are songs that Stay with you. You can’t get them out of your head. They are not to be missed when playing in your area. The only thing better than playing this CD at home is seeing Rick singing and Jeff Marshall on lead Guitar live on stage. Rick has a bright future ahead of him and more great music for all of us. Keep up the great work Rick.


I just found out what all the big deal was about Rick Monroe. The guy can sing. His new CD is incredible. I like I Remember the Music, but the one song that really talks to me is Type of Guy. My boyfriend's old girlfriend messed up when she didn't know what she had. Well, the boy's mine now. Type of Guy sounds like Rick's sending a message to my boyfriend's old girlfriend and Rick sounds so SEXY doing it. Hot song from a hot guy. Give us more!


Impressive geographic coverage. Can't wait to see him in a stadium concert here in L.A. His music is awesome. 


Rick is an amazing entertainer!! Very Impressive!! I have all of his music and love every song!! You can't go wrong when you are listening to or watching Rick and his guys perform!! Thank you for it all!
Amy Engh


Great new CD!! Of course all of his CD's have been great to listen to. He is a born song writer / entertainer who is always aware of his audience and what they want to hear. Knock'em dead in Europe.
God bless!
Love, MN M&D 


WOW! A piece on Rick! I've been following him as a fan for the past 2 years or so after a pleasant surprise one night out here in LA at Molly Malone's...He really is one of those artists that makes country music so personal - fun, and often heartfelt lyrics, from his older recordings like "Barbie's Got a Jones" and "Shame" to his new dance-hall craze stuff like "Dance Hall King" (which should be his next single!), "Heartbreak Tattoo," and "Dodged a Bullet," Rick's the next thing in country music.
Growing up in Texas, I was lucky enough to realize that real country is more bout boots and hats and a guitar - it's guys like Rick and his (quite awesome!) band that get up there and put it out, night after night, and love what they do in a down-home way...and let me tell you - it shows!
And OK - he looks mighty fine in 'dem jeans! (as all cowboys should!!!) Just goes to show ya - he's got something to back-up his hot new album!


This is my favorite artist of all time. I have been following him for many years. He has evolved from rock and ballad to country and I think that is his best work. I love all his songs! He has great stage presence in case you haven't seen him perform. We love you Rick.
Maggie McMillan


Yeah Okay, so you're my husband... so, I still can think you're awesome!!! Great band, great songs, great front man and cute to boot! Keep up the hard work. Europe is going to LOVE you boys

:)   xoxo Darci


Last fall, visiting in the N. LA area, we happened upon this great entertainer and to the last one, all of us said: This guy's going to be famous! There's something really special about him...maybe because his voice sounds like crushed velvet (my daughter said that, she's now one of his biggest fans) We just got his new CD and it's one of the few times in my life that I've bought a CD and liked EVERY ONE of the songs. It went into the car radio ( I have to drive around a lot) and it has stayed. Other singers/artists might have one or two, but this young man has 14 hits. We're originally from the South and
I hear that, I hear some Texas rhythm but mostly I hear America. I was surprised to read on his web site that he'd been all over the world, but after getting this CD, we all think his future is very bright and we're really happy about that. He is also a very entertaining, funny guy and he was just fun to watch and dance to not like some hot shots we normally see, that's what I mean special. I'm happy to see this attention. There's a net work of us spreading out across the country and every time someone gets wind of anything Rick Monroe, we all pass it along. We'll pass this along too. 
Thank you.

Ms. Cheney


Hey thanks for featuring Rick Monroe. I was here checking out the site and was surprised to see the piece on Rick. 
I am a big fan. I had the pleasure of seeing him at Mavericks in Santa Maria. He and his band put on a great show. 
It's nice to see him getting the love. 
Great site!

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