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Indie Artist Spotlight

Ryan Wardlow

Location: Nashville, TN 
Song Sample: It Can't Be Gone (MP3)


Suddenly you hear a roar come from inside a bar. As you peak in to see what’s going on, you see a crowd partying and yelling like none you’ve ever seen! On the stage you see a man singing a rocking country song while his band is jumping around like a 5 year old on a sugar high. His voice is stunning and his presence captivating. This man is Ryan Wardlow and while you may not even like country music you feel compelled to go in because you can’t wait to see what happens next!

Ryan, who is a native of Bedford Kentucky, made the move to Nashville in February of 2004. Ryan discovered his love for country music at an early age. He began playing guitar and writing songs at age twelve. Ryan competed in many talent contest through out his teens. It was during these performances he learned the importance of entertaining. “I attended a lot of concerts growing up. I always loved the high energy show like that of Garth Brooks. I knew that I wanted to give my fans that kind of show.” Says Ryan. 

After high school Ryan decided to put his music on hold and joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves, in which he served for six years. “I felt I needed to do something for my country.” Wardlow comments, “Freedom isn’t cheap and I wanted to do my part in preserving what our fore fathers had done for us.” During his time in the reserves he also worked for North American Stainless, a local company near his hometown of Bedford, but always longing for a career doing what he really loved. “I knew everything would happen in due time. God has a plan for everyone.” Ryan adds. 

On January 10th 2003, he was called to active duty with his Reserve Unit, Company A 8th Tank Battalion, to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was during this time that his life, and outlook on life, changed forever. "Once you've seen a foreign country and see how their people have to live, as opposed to the way we Americans have to, it makes you realize how lucky we really are." Says Ryan. "It was during those six months I was there I discovered how short and precious life is. I knew if God got me out of there alive, I wasn't going to waste another minute of it." So now Ryan is following his passion for music and putting to use his God given talent to accomplish his dream.

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Fan Feedback:


I was lucky enough to meet Ryan Wardlow at Crossroads in Nashville. I was only in Nashville for a day and he made it the best. Ryan has a great personality and a wonderful talent for singing country music. My friends and I sat and watched him sing for a long time. We were only there for a day so we decided to leave Crossroads and finish looking around Nashville. However, we were only gone for an hour or so and then we went BACK to watch Ryan once again. We each bought a CD and I now know all the words to every one of his songs. This guy has talent and he is going to make it big someday...I just know it. Since that day in Nashville, I have been able to keep in touch with Ryan via email and he is such a great guy. I wish you the best, Ryan!
~ Megan from Texas


I was fortunate to meet Ryan some months ago at Tommy's country playhouse where he was singing that weekend I was so amazed to hear such a great voice when I walked in the door then I went to check out the voice I heard, to my surprise it was Ryan, and I was shocked to this young guy with a voice that just filled the room like nothing I'd heard before. It was like watching a real concert, he was great. After the set was over he came over to me and asked my name and told me his and asked if there was a song he could play and sing for me I told him anything he sang would be great because he sang so great it wouldn't matter what he sang. I have seen Ryan perform many times and actually bought a copy of his CD and it's great. There are so many great songs on the CD that you really can't pick a favorite. I just want to say that Ryan is a great guy and soon will be a big star. Hang in there and listen and watch and we'll soon see him on CMT 

~Karen from Nashville TN



I was fortunate enough to meet Ryan Wardlow at Crossroads in Nashville last November. As I walked into the bar, I heard his voice and began to tremble. I sat at the bar (for as long as I could) just soaking up the talent that he had to share. I knew that I could not leave that bar without buying a copy of his FABULOUS CD. His CD has been "stuck" in my player for months now. I have been lucky enough to keep in touch with Ryan via phone and e-mail since my visit to Nashville. Can I just say that he is an amazing guy, both musically and personally. He has one of the greatest personalities of any guy that I have ever met. After each conversation that I have with him, I find myself planning a trip back to Nashville to see him perform and get to know him better. He is amazing and I can just picture him singing me to sleep in the future:) You are going to make it BIG one day, Ryan, I just know it!
~Tiffany from Virginia


I live in Michigan and go to Nashville every chance I get. I've seen Ryan perform a few times at Tootsies but I finally got to meet him this past July. I got a copy of his CD and my four daughters and I know the entire thing by heart (if that gives you an idea of how much we have listened to it). I've seen MANY people play and sing up and down Broadway, but this guy is one of the best. Not only can he sing, play guitar, write his own songs, and work the crowd, but he is also a very nice person. When you see your five year old daughter singing along to "Runnin'" in your rearview mirror, you know someone's done something right. Ryan will go far in this business, and he deserves it. I hope all of his dreams come true!
~Shelly Lyn in Michigan 



I can't believe that someone that I went to school and rode the bus with has a debuting CD out in the world of Country Music! How cool is that! When I first heard Ryan sing, I thought, Wow! this guy can really sing! Where has he been hiding his talent? 

I feel Ryan has what it takes to rise to the top in Country Music. If you are looking for some original country music then you don't want to miss out on what Ryan has to offer in his music. When Ryan sings he delivers to you, his passion for music in his new CD, Never saw it Coming or in a live performance with his band! You can't find a more down to earth, sweet, compassionate, talented, spiritual guy than Ryan. I highly recommend that you experience the talents of Ryan Wardlow!
~Laura - Kentucky 



A true Country Music star is what I think of when I hear Ryan Wardlow. Awesome doesn't even come close to describing Ryan's voice and music! If you want the Country sound you've got it with Ryan Wardlow! I heard his CD Never saw it Coming from a friend. I was blown away! I was so impressed with what I heard it sounded as if I was listening to George Strait or Garth Brooks. I immediately wanted my own copy! My heart flutters when I see his pictures, I know Ryan is gonna break a lot of hearts (of girls) out there when he becomes famous. I look forward to seeing him perform live!
~Catherine - Indiana



I had the opportunity to work with Ryan at North American Stainless for a short time before he was deployed. I have to say it was after he left the company to pursue his singing career when I actually got the opportunity to hear him. WOW!!!! There is no doubt I will see him on a stage with thousands of fans begging for a glance or a handshake someday and I am sure Brandon my son and I will be there cheering him on. He does remind me of Garth Brooks when he performs. He just holds you to attention. I have a 10 year old son that loves to sing and to tell you what a wonderful person Ryan really is he took time out of his very busy schedule to touch the heart and inspire my son. He met us at a friends to hear my son sing and to help him choose a song suitable for his voice as he needed to perform at a future event. I know very little about music so I wanted the opinion of someone that loved music and understood it. He set and talked with Brandon about music and how he got started he played and sang many songs to Brandon also he shared a song with Brandon he had not yet finished writing. That was to my son one of the coolest things in the world. He talked with Brandon about what made him write songs and what inspired him. Brandon came straight home and started trying to write his own song. Ryan Wardlow told him he was really good and this made Brandon's day. . 

Ryan listened to Brandon sing and with great interest which was very exciting to Brandon. This is a very special person that would take the time to do this. He recommended a song and Brandon learned this song and has performed it in front of a small audience and really enjoyed it. 

Ryan is the full package. He has a wonderful voice and a gift to write music that reaches into your heart and touches it. He has a dream and great determination. Also he has a gift to touch others and to inspire them. Of course it doesn't hurt that he really looks like a cowboy. Very few people would ever take the time to spend a Saturday afternoon on a porch with a 10 year old just singing, playing and talking about country music. 

Brandon watches all the time for his friend Ryan on CMT. Brandon can't wait for another opportunity to spend an afternoon with Ryan singing . Brandon hopes he can perform someday with Ryan. 
Thank you Ryan for sharing your gift with us. 
God Bless. 
~Melanie S.



I have known Ryan for quite some time now. Long enough to know he is amazing. Ryan has an amazing voice and the talent of songwriting to go with it. He is a very down to earth person, and a great friend. The first time I met him he had his guitar with him and played "The Chair" by George Straight for me. I will never forget that day. I think my mouth dropped in amazement how talented this guy was!!!
~Amber - Mt. Washington, KY



Ryan's debut album is a great mixture of his style. His first single is one of my absolute favorites. Live, his stage presence and his band put on a great show that is sure to entertain the entire family.
~Stacy T.



Hey y'all.
I'm glad y'all did that article on Ryan. He's a wonderful artist. he's a great singer, a wonderful song writer and an all around great guy. i love him to death from the 1st time I stumbled upon his site though his former roommates site. Ryan is a total sweetheart and I know he'll never forget where he comes from. he deserves all the success in the world. he's a great guy.
~Beth R. - North Hudson, WI

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