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Indie Artist Spotlight

Shoshaunna Gragg

Located: Nashville, TN
Song Sample: Carry My Heart With You To Tennessee 



Shoshaunna Gragg is among the hot new talent emerging from Nashville's "grass roots" sounds with such artists and songwriters like Gretchen Wilson, Sara Evans, and LeAnn Rhimes.

The music reflects the sound, feel and attitude of Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline and Tanya Tucker who were once though too controversial at times, but have since become influential to female country artists today.

With her first single slated to hit the airwaves in January on the country and independent music formats, Shoshaunna Gragg is excited about the timing of her music. "I think country music is going through another change and is trying to take back it's roots and feel, yet incorporate new ideas, which are attracting a whole new group of listeners which have not previously listed to the country format before."

Shoshaunna hopes her music will touch people with her honest, sincere subjects, fun catchy phrasing and feminine intuition. Not to overlook that she has an amazing set of pipes to sing her songs with. You could say her vocals have the similar strength and color found in that of LeAnn Rhimes and Martina McBride, which can only make her songs that more listenable.

Coast 3 Manager and Producer, Michael Zdanowicz says "she's definetly got the package deal: good looks, great sound, and the professional attitude it takes to be a hot commodity in this business."

There is no doubt that Nashville will be watching this young lady as she makes her debut, and she's not about to let her chance go unnoticed. "I'm not just about the music, I'm about the business of it as well and what I have to do to get myself heard." Shoshaunna has taken advantage of the internet's music sites as opportunities to get herself heard in the era of internet music, on sites such as www.garageband.com and www.idmusik.com. Her husband, Mark Gragg says "if she doesn't make it big in Nashville, it certainly won't be for a lack of trying!" Shoshaunna sums it up with a quote by her mentor, Sir Winston Churchill as her mantra which she feels will serve her well in her aspiring musical career: "Never, Never, Never Quit."


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