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Indie Artist Spotlight

Steven Neil Wilson

Hometown: Newland, NC
Website: www.StevenNeilWilson.com
Song Sample: Desperate Summer 
CD Title: Bat Out Of Carolina

Call his style an outlaw country throwback, hillbilly music for the new millennium, or just plain country. Under any moniker Steven Neil Wilson is poised to release his unique style on America with an uproar. Drawing influences from Waylon Jennings, Johnny Paycheck and others, Wilson knows how to get a little rowdy. On the other hand, his ability to turn out a touching ballad is unique in the way it displays his intensity with a pen and through his unique voice. Whether it's painting a picture of summer romance, leaving home or the inevitable morning hangover, Wilson and "Bat Out Of Carolina" are sure to turn heads and get toes tapping.

CSO Review

Steven Neil Wilson - Bat Out Of Carolina (debut album)
Album review by Cheryl Harvey Hill


Steven Neil Wilson says about his debut album, "What I wanted was to create an album that I would want to listen to, and get it heard by someone other than my wife and my dogs." If that is all he was aiming for, he can relax because he has already succeeded and after listening to the album all the way through, I'm certain that a lot of folks are going to want to listen to this album. 

Wilson's bio states that he has worked hard to find his own distinct voice. Well, another success already. His singing voice is distinct. It is also unique and likeable and so is his songwriting, which is probably the voice that he was referring to. He wrote nine of the ten songs on Bat Out Of Carolina, his debut album, and all of them are lyrically sound and rendered with feeling. Chalk up another success for Wilson ... this one's a keeper.


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