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Indie Artist Spotlight


Home Town: Dallas, Texas
Song Sample: Ain't Life Great (MP3)


Equally comfortable with the amplified instruments of Aaron Kelley on lead, James Driscoll on bass and Matt Kellum on drums, or as an acoustic vocal trio, with Ross Vick on his 1983 vintage Taylor 510, TrueHeart creates music in many different ways and in many different directions -- sometimes in the same song. As David Card of Poor David's Pub and Grammy winner Phil York can attest, the core of the TrueHeart sound is the sibling vocal harmonies provided by Texas natives, Ross Vick,  Pat Vick and Karen Vick Cavazos.

Ross writes all of the original material TrueHeart performs. His skills most recently have been recognized by Director Michael Waxman as his composition "Tear or Two" was selected for the Waxman short film "Prank Call." Phil York chose TrueHeart to provide much of the vocal work on his new CD "Rudolph Valentino: He sings and other sing about him." Ross also co-wrote one of the songs with Phil for the project.  In addition to the 18 First Round Grammy Nominations for their 2005 self titled CD release "TrueHeart," Dallas Songwriter Association members and consistent Broadjam Top 10 performers the world is steadily awakening to the strong yet subtle nuances of TrueHeart's original music and their dedication to being true to the song, no matter where it takes them.

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