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Indie Artist Spotlight

Vicki Lee

Located: Saco, Maine
Song Sample: Crossin' On Over  




Capturing audiences seems second nature for this amazing artist. Influenced by such greats as Patsy Cline, LeAnn Rimes, Wynona Judd, Melissa Ethridge, Gretchen Wilson. Vicki can make you cry with her soulful songs; then have you dancing in the street with her sassy tunes! Her newest album “Crossin’ On Over is a collage of her vocal abilities and truly brilliant.


Vicki Lee was born and is currently living in Maine. In 1992 she entered Talent America Contest; receiving two awards one was for Most Stage Presence and the other Best Personality. Formed a Trio with her son Jimmy and her mother Laura and they called themselves Vicki Lee & Company. In 1998 she had surgery on her vocal cords and had noggles removed and took a year to recover. In 1999 she met a performer by the name of Stevie Cee, and formed a Duet Act called themselves Pop ‘N’ Country.

In 2000 Vicki and her mother who has a gift for writing decided to put her mother Laura’s talent to music. Release her first album Touch Of Life in 2001; which received various awards both locally as well as nationally.

In 2001 released the 2 patriotic singles "Don't Let Us Fall" which was awarded both in Maine and National "Patriotic Song of the Year 2002. The second song was "Angels On Golden Wings" (a Sept. 11th Tribute) also received the prestigious award "Patriotic Song of the Year 2002" both in Maine & Nationally.

Vicki performs at many venues such as fairs, campgrounds, community events, benefits to name a few. Wooing her audiences comes very natural to this artist. With such a variety of styles; this energetic artist crosses over between feisty and sweet!

June 2004 released her newest album called Crossin' On Over. Indie Music Review says: "With a voice and sound that flips between sweet and sassy, Vicki Lee will wind you up and let you down softly. Crossin' On Over is a smart and melodic album that fully represents the many aspects of this fine artist."

Currently Vicki is busy performing, promoting her new album and in the process of putting a band together.


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