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Blaine Larsen  
Off To Join The World

Album review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill

Despite a greater degree of diversity emerging in recent years (thanks primarily to Shania, Faith, Tim and Kenny), there are a lot of misconceptions about country music. A large portion of the world population is under the impression that to be a good country music singer, you must be a well weathered, well-worn (lived/loved/lost at least a few times), older soul; able to sing with a twang in your voice, an ache in your heart and you must have dropped at least a few tears in your beer over the years to be able to pay homage to the heartache of the genre.

The reality is that despite the fact that it has found a loving home, and thrives, in honky tonks, it wasn't born in them. Country music wasn't necessarily born in the country either, unless you are referring to the USA. Its most alluring and universal appeal around the world is that its subject matter isn't limited to "misery and gin;" country music is about every day life and age has nothing to do with the ability to deliver lyrics with a major, gut-wrenching punch; singer/songwriter Blaine Larsen is certainly absolute proof of that.

Like many of his youthful predecessors, Larsen's sophisticated baritone demonstrates that although you may only be on your first trip around the proverbial block, it doesn't mean you haven't experienced some of life's more enlightening and profound lessons. The first single released from the album, "How Do You Get that Lonely," is the perfect example of this. I'm sure the popularity of this song is also the spot on barometer for the entire album. Despite its dark subject matter, or perhaps because of it, it has impacted the charts in a big way. More importantly, this song has generated a dialog about a subject that definitely needs to be addressed.

One of my favorite songs on the album is the enchanting, highly visual, title cut, "Off To Join The World (The Circus Song)." This wonderful waltz, with its whimsical musical score, calliope sounds, lilting mandolin, ringmasters whistle and enchanting lyrics has a meter that is charmingly magical. From first note to last, this song is a pure delight that will leave you smiling for hours after it ends.

"I've Been in Mexico," "The Man He'll Never Be," "Teaching Me How to Love You," (with its great harmony on the chorus) are all radio worthy and certain to keep Larsen on the charts for a long time and when none other than Merle himself sings the last stanza on "If Merle Would Sing My Song," well, now that's impressive. If you can get Merle to sing on your album, that's a pretty strong endorsement of your talent.


Rating: BUY IT!

Blaine Larsen - Off To Join The World CD track list:

1. Best Man 
2. In My High School 
3. That's All I've Got to Say About That 
4. Teaching Me How to Love You
5. I've Been in Mexico 
6. If Merle Would Sing My Song - Merle Haggard
7. Yessireebob 
8. Man He'll Never Be 
9. That's Just Me 
10. Off to Join the World (The Circus Song)
11. How Do You Get That Lonely

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Real People Reviews

I love Blaine Larsen's album "Off to join the world". I listen to it everyday and never get tired of it. Another plus is that he is soooooooo hot! Well, I hope you come out with another CD soon. Good luck Blaine and have fun!

Hey - I loved your CD, it was amazing, I thought "Off To Join The World" was hilarious. But I especially loved "That's Just Me" because the lyrics reminded me a lot of myself and I thought that was awesome.  So keep making great CDs like this one.

I like Blaine Larsen songs, he is one of my favorite singers and I would like to met him in real life... and by the way, Happy B-lated Birthday!

I bought your CD three weeks ago. I LOVED IT!!!!!! I am very upset I played it every day. Then I went to place it in the CD player it was gone. My son was playing hide and seek, and accidentally broke it. I live on a very, very low income and can not buy another one for a while. But I will get another one soon. My favorite song was "HOW DO YOU GET THAT LONELY?" I have had those thoughts myself. I have 5 children so I could never bring myself to end it. But I saw this video and it hit home real hard!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TALENT, KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!! 
~Your Fan Regina 

Blaine Larsen is a find! I love the album, I love the songs, I love his voice! A plus plus, plus is my score! He is the next big thing going. I am quite sure of that. 
~Laurie Dillon


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