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Cowboy Crush - "Nobody Ever Died of a Broken Heart"
First single from their new album on Asylum/Curb Records
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Senior Staff Journalist

With no new albums in my mailbox this week, I am afforded the luxury of writing about whomever I want. It didn't take me more than two seconds to decide on a feature. With their new single now being played on radio, it won't be long before everyone knows who Cowboy Crush is but for those of you who haven't had the good fortune to meet them yet, I am pleased to be able to introduce you to possibly the hottest band to ever hit Nashville: (alphabetically) Trenna Barnes (lead singer), Debbie Johnson (base), Darla Perlozzi (drums), Becky Priest (keyboard) and Renae Truex (fiddle). They aren't just a fantastic vocal group; they are a complete band of great musicians headed up by a dynamic lead singer.

In their bio it says, "If you take the wild abandon, freedom and exhilaration of the cowboy lifestyle, and combine that with the surging power of a giant Pacific wave - what some surfers fondly call 'the Crush' - you get Nashville's most unique band ever: Cowboy Crush."

I'm here to tell you that the above promo blurb is a most definite understatement. I've seen this band perform live. When they take over the stage, it isn't with "wild abandon"; it is with absolute, intentional, deliberate, total confidence and purpose. They are driven by their extraordinary personalities, remarkable talent and, as my husband is quick to point out, they are also incredibly beautiful. In fact, it was his reaction to them that helped me understand the "crush" metaphor. As I recall, we were swimming on a remote beach just off Highway 101 out in California many years ago. As he was posing for my camera, a giant wave swept over him, swallowed him up, carried him about twenty feet underwater then tossed him about thirty feet up in the air, where he effortlessly completed several 360 degree head-over-heels flips, before being deposited on the beach. He quickly popped to his feet, eyes wide open, grinning ear to ear, and said, "Man! What a rush!!!" He had that same look on his face the first time he saw Cowboy Crush and, at the end of their performance, he repeated those exact same words as when that giant California wave hit him.

In every interview, the band members emphasize the same goal. Perlozzi says, "We want to take the fluff out of the idea of an all-girl band. Our main goal is to earn the respect."

Johnson adds, "This is the culmination of many years of effort, determination, courage and perseverance. We are perfect examples of women doing what they love to do, not only surviving, but thriving in a brutal business."

The band is in total agreement that another major goal of Cowboy Crush is to become a positive influence for country music fans of all ages and genders and, Priest reiterates, "We want to go out there and be an inspiration to girls and to boys."

But the outgoing spitfire, Barnes, probably sums it up best when she says, "We're one of the best kick-a$$ girl bands out there! We've worked very hard for this and we are ready to show the world what we've got."

You don't have to take their comments, my word, or my husband's response, as proof of their talent; you can surf on over to their website and experience the power of the "crush" yourself. Just listen to the sound byte of their new single, "Nobody Ever Died of a Broken Heart" and tell us what you think about this new band. If you have seen them in concert, how about submitting a "Real People Review"? Or if you have a photo of yourself with these gals, send it along to our "Brush with Fame" feature. Maybe you caught them at last years IFCO Show, CMA Fest or one of the Country Thunder shows. Or, perhaps, you are one of the lucky ones who have been fortunate to see them in concert in your hometown.

"Nobody Ever Died of a Broken Heart" has been shipped to radio stations across the country. If you haven't heard it on your local station, call and request it. You'll find a complete list of radio stations on their official website.


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Real People Reviews

I just seen them here in Arizona last night and wanted to let everyone know, if you get a chance to hear them live in a small environment don't miss it! Here's why I say that - - - this DYNAMITE band is going straight to the TOP FAST and once that happens you won't have the opportunity to meet them face to face without a BACK STAGE PASS!!! I want to let them know, I can't wait to see them on the "2006 Country Music Awards"! Also, Thanks for the Autograph Tee-Shirt with your cute drawings...
~Teri T. - Arizona

I have had the pleasure of seeing cowboy crush more than once last year at fan fair, boy did they cause a crowd after the IFCO show. They are a great bunch of girls and very talented. Canít wait to hear more and more about them. I have two concerts planned this summer in MASS and PA. Please come do some more PA, NJ, DE shows. In one word it was said beforeÖ awesome. They put on a great show and (their) energy is great, just tell Beck to lower her key board so you can see more of her. 
~ Susan from Philly

I saw Cowboy Crush in September of 2004 at the Minnesota State Fair. They were so full of energy and personality. A person couldn't help but want to get up and dance. Can't wait for a CD to come out. 
~ Sue L.

Just wanted to let the world know how AWESOME this new all girl band is!!! Theyíre Cowboy Crush and better than any all girl band Iíve ever seen so far!!! J They are all very energetic and very talented! I have seen several of their live shows and they rock!!! Move over Dixie ChicksÖhere come COWBOY CRUSH!!!!!!!!
Yee Haw!!! 
~ Jennifer T. - Glen Dale, WV

Cowboy Crush is a heart-stirring awesome band! We have been following these girls for a long time because we are personal friends of Renae and her family. That Renae is a show all by herself! These girls are not only beautiful; they have enormous talent as individuals. Hanging out with them before and after a show you see how dedicated and hard working they are not to mention you canít help but have a good time with all the energy they exude. These girls are on the edge of country music thatís going to hit the music scene with an exhilarating force!  Once you see Cowboy Crush you canít believe what a good time you just had and canít wait to do it again and again and again!  
~ Shari H.


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