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George Strait - Somewhere Down in Texas
Album review by Cheryl Harvey Hill
Photographer: John Russell

On the day that Somewhere Down in Texas arrived in my mailbox I hadn't planned on doing an album review but I figured I might as well get it done so I tossed ole George into the CD player. As "If the Whole World Was a Honky Tonk" filled up my listening space, I found myself thinking that I was most likely listening to what would soon become his fifty-second number one hit. This easy-going, personable singing cowboy never ceases to amaze me.

After fifty-one number ones, and goodness only knows how many other wonderful songs George Strait has recorded, his voice is as familiar as the voice of a really, really good old friend and just hearing it come through the speakers reassures you that all is right with the world and life probably is unfolding as it should.

There is something uniquely special about the poignant way his voice embraces each syllable and fills it with emotion before delivering it to your senses. Whatever it is, it is taken to a new level when Strait partners up with the, always delightful, Lee Ann Womack on "Good News, Bad News." For me, this was one of the highlight tracks of the album. The petite Ms. Womack, who co-wrote on this song, packs quite an emotional punch of her own and when you couple that with the evocative delivery of Strait; well, get out the tissues.

That observation had barely registered in my consciousness when the first strains of "The Seashores of Old Mexico," a great tune written by the legendary Merle Haggard, began to play. This is one of my favorite Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard duets; now that is a tough act to follow but Mr. Strait manages to do so admirably.

There were a few other tracks that stood out for me. Strait's emotional delivery on "Ready for the End of the World" gives the weepy fiddle some competition and the vocal harmonies are superb. This tune is classic country at its finest and sure to earn many dimes on the neighborhood jukebox at the corner bar. I guess the same can be said for "She Let Herself Go" with its clever lyrics and good hook set to very danceable music; a classic Texas two-stepper.

George Strait – Somewhere Down in Texas – no need to say anything more. His name is synonymous with success


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George Strait - Somewhere Down In Texas  track listing.

1. If The Whole World Was A Honky Tonk 
2. Somewhere Down In Texas 
3. The Seashores Of Old Mexico 
4. You'll Be There 
5. High Tone Woman
6. Good News, Bad News 
7. Oh, What A Perfect Day 
8. Texas 
9. Ready For The End Of The World 
10. She Let Herself Go 
11. By The Light Of A Burning Brige 

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Real People Reviews

Hi Cheryl, 
You forgot the 8th Song "TEXAS", that will be a huge smash also.
~Andy in NC

I have to start off by telling you that I may be a little bias when it comes to George. I consider myself the BIGGEST G.S. fan there was, is or ever will be.

Now on to the album... After 25 years of listening to the King, I have to say that this may well be the best album ever put out by Mr. Strait. I rank it in my top 5, only to fall below the albums Something Special, and Strait Country, 

I was up bright and early on release day, at the store at 6AM and I am proud to say it was well worth the early rise!! I put this in my CD player and the first song to roll out of my speakers, If the Whole World Were a Honky Tonk, made me want to do a two step and drink a cold beer before 7 in the morning! Now that's what a good country song is all about! As I listened to the album I found myself falling in love with George all over again. I am from Texas and track number 8, Texas, gave me chills. This song could not have been penned more perfectly if George had written it himself. The same rings true for the albums title track, Somewhere Down In Texas. The very highlight of the album for me has to be the bone chilling Ready for the End of the World. Anyone who had even been through a gut wrenching break up will most certainly identify with song. "I bought a case of Jack, a box set of Merle, I'm getting ready, ready for the end of the world" No one can make a horrible break up sound as good as George can! 

I've been accused of being an overly articulate person, but when it comes to George Strait, and this album, I'll try to sum it up short and sweet... PERFECT!!! With albums like this it's no small wonder that George Strait has endured for 20 years in the cut throat business of music. I'm sure we'll be seeing him around for many more years to come. 
~Leann - Gladewater, TX.

A new album of George Strait is always a true event . Somewhere Down In Texas is without surprise: music , voice , lyrics , atmosphere . All is there to result in a perfect match . If The Whole World Was a Honky Tonk and Texas futur #1 in charts ? Probably . Congrats to Mr Strait and all team of songwriters for their incredible talent .
Strait France
~Agnès P

This may very well be my favorite George Strait CD! If The Whole World Was A Honky Tonk will become a country classic. But my personal favorites on the CD are Somewhere Down In Texas and Texas. And no I am not from Texas, but Mr. Strait sure makes me wish I were!
~Cindy C.


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