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Hot Apple Pie - Self-Titled Debut Album
Album review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

I would buy this album just to get "Slowin' Down the Fall" but not only because Willie Nelson is a guest vocalist on this cut; nope, I really liked this song and, yes, that is Brady Seals singing with Willie. Hot Apple Pie is the third incarnation in Nashville for Seals. This young artist has more lives than a cat but I think he has found his niche' this time out. Seals contributes lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica and accordion; rounding out the group are Mark "Sparky" Matejka – vocals, guitar, banjo, Keith Horne – vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, steel guitar and Trey Landry – drums, percussion and accordion.

It appears that Seals, who wrote on nine of the thirteen songs on this album, may be the main ingredient in this musical pie but it is the artful blending of all the ingredients that sets it apart and qualifies it for a blue ribbon. Their bio states, "The recipe for Hot Apple Pie includes a Virginia-bred flat-picking guitar champion/bass player, a Cajun drummer/accordionist, a Texan guitarist with a degree in jazz, a proven hit singer-songwriter and a dash of that indefinable something called musical charisma." The recipe works; the diverse ingredients are flawlessly mixed and make for a most palatable treat and who would have thought that all that Cajun spice would make for such a sweet treat.

The band is quite proud of the fact that, as Matejka puts it, "This [band] is 100% natural, no artificial ingredients" and Horne quickly adds that "Yes, that's really us playing on the record." They may be a tad old to be called a "boy band" and perhaps a member or two shy of being a full "group" but no matter what else you call them, I'm sure you'll be calling them "first-rate" and their vocal harmonies are on par with the best.

"I wanted my next musical project to have integrity," says Seals. "I wanted something that’s fresh and new, a little edgy and yet mainstream. Hot Apple Pie is that something." He also says that, in the past, he has had a "hard time trying to move on (from previous ventures) and have people embrace my new music." I seriously doubt if that will be a problem this time. When you listen to this high energy foursome with their flawless instrumentals and seamless vocal harmony; well, with all due respect to Seals, but his voice didn't reach its full flavor potential until he merged his talents with those of his multi-talented partners to create this scrumptious, unique slice of Americana, awash in weepy fiddles and languid peddle steel, called Hot Apple Pie. And when it comes to the musical integrity he was seeking; well, mission accomplished.


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Hot Apple Pie - Self-Titled Debut  track listing.

1. Hillbillies 
2. We're Makin' Up 
3. California King 
4. Easy Does It 
5. The Good Life 
6. Why Can't I Get To You
7. The Shape I'm In 
8. Slowin' Down the Fall 
9. Redneck Revolution 
10. Annabelle (Arkansas Is Callin' You) 
11. Everybody Wants to Dance With My Baby 
12. I Should'a Seen Her Leavin' Comin' 
13. All Together Now 

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Real People Reviews

I just bought the Hot Apple Pie CD and just love it. I listened to a sample on MSN Music and decided to buy it. I like the beat that most of the songs have. Keep up the good work. 
~ Enola from Iowa

EXCELLENT album. One of those precious few albums (in any genre) where I like every song on it. The harmony is incredible, and they don’t seem to rely on any one particular instrument—excellent balance of guitar, harmonica, banjo, vocals, etc. Great rockin’ tunes and some excellent ballads. I hope Hot Apple Pie keeps their momentum up, I look forward to buying more albums from them. Love it!
~ Stacey F.

Yes I love this album . I've seen HOT APPLE PIE two times in concert and they are FANTASTIC. This PIE was made to perfection, all the ingredients blend so well together. They have so much energy and you can tell that they love what they are doing. I can see them going straight to the top with this album. Keep that PIE HOT boys. I'll be seeing ya'll again 
in Sept., which seems so far off, but I've got my HAP cd to get me through until then. LOVE THAT PIE!
~msdixiegirl - MS HAP FAN

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