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Ray Scott - My Kind Of Music
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist

Check out this audio interview with Ray Scott recorded October 27, 2006. Click Here

I'm not even going to try to pretend that I can be objective about this album or this singer. Are you kidding me?!? The title of this debut album by Ray Scott is EXACTLY what I immediately thought to myself the first time I heard him sing; now THIS is My Kind of Music.

This is also my kind of singer/songwriter; thirteen tracks and he had a hand in writing all of them. However, I would certainly be amiss if I didn't mention Phillip Moore, his longtime friend and guitar player, who co-wrote on nine of the tracks; obviously, his input contributed greatly to the overall quality of the album. Scott isn't a wanna be singing cowboy poet, he is the real deal. And just how real? Well, my elbow started bending by the middle of the first song and I don't even drink; that's how real.

The title cut is a cleverly written limerick that is so country you will swear you hear the legendary "Highwaymen" harmonizing on the chorus especially since Scott's voice is so eerily reminiscent of the late Johnny Cash. At other times, like on "I Didn't Come Here to Talk," his deep baritone resonates right through you and his phrasing makes you think of Conway Twitty. But then again, after you have listened to the entire album, you will most likely conclude that the only reason Scott's voice sounds so familiar is that he has all the best qualities of some of the greatest singers who have ever graced the radio air waves.

There were several outstanding tracks and "Different Kind of Cowboy" was definitely one of them. I liked everything about this song. The clever intro beat, the rhythm, the tempo, and the lyrics. Another stand out track for me was "Time." Some serious philosophical observations delivered via a deceptively catchy beat. There was something to like about every song on this album and it isn't often you can say that; especially when the album contains thirteen songs - oh yes, and a fourteenth track which contains a special message. I'm not going to spoil it for you by telling you what it is.

Scott reveals his sense of humor on the liner notes when he says, "To my incomparable wife, Shannon... You've hung right in there, and you never even had to get on anti-depressants." And his final thought, at the end of all the thanks to everyone else is, "Lord above... You're a lot of things, but hard of hearing ain't one of 'em. Thanks for the gifts in my life. It will always begin and end with you... Amen."

Now, that collective "ahhhhh" is exactly how some of the songs, the music, and the heartfelt lyrics, will leave you feeling. This is downright, tears in your beer, scoot in your boots, bona fide, certifiable honky tonkin' country music. Heavy on the fiddle, peddle, no metal, but plenty of attitude, heart and humor. This one's a keeper for sure.

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My Kind Of Music song list:

1. Gone Either Way 
2. Makin' My Way 
3. Different Kind of Cowboy 
4. Walls 
5. My Kind of Music 
6. Plowboy 
7. I Didn't Come Here to Talk 
8. Dirty Shirt 
9. Time 
10. Rats Don't Race 
11. Fly With An Angel 
12. Gypsy 
13. Bear With Me Lord

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Real People Reviews

You know the worst thing about Ray Scott's cd? That I took so flippin' long to get it! I couldn't find it in Canada and finally found it last week in Michigan. Buy this cd!

First impression? Women - this man sings in a deep baritone that will make your toes curl and other body parts tingle. When he croons "I Didn't Come Here to Talk" you pray that's true! Men? You want him to be your friend but secretly wish you had such a deep voice and looked so dang sexy!

Ray Scott tells it like it is. There is no pretense here. He sings the way he sings - like it or not - that's the way he sings and he ain't gonna change for anyone. For some people that might come across arrogant - not with Ray Scott - that's just the way he is. "She don't like to play my kind of music, so I had to tell that girl to kiss my ass." Yep, that's just the way he is.

Unlike most liner notes that have the lyrics, Ray Scott gives a brief synopsis of how or why the song was written. Nice. I especially liked his explanation for "Bear With Me Lord"......"I know where I came from and I know where I want to end up when it's over. But if sins were cents, I wouldn't need to work. "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" always got to me and I'm sure it helped this song get written. Lord, I hope you're listenin'."

I don't know whether Ray Scott sings a great song or tells a great story? But either way - he gets it done! Ray Scott sets some wonderful stories to song - and sings them very well. Buy Ray Scott - My Kind of Music - and tell me if you agree.
~ Caroline - London, ON Canada

Loved It. One of a kind voice. Can't stop listening to the CD.
~ Christa

I bought the Ray Scott album on a whim, because I'd seen the video of "My Kind Of Music" and really enjoyed it. I always ask myself, will I pay this price for that "one song"? This is from countless CD's that only have one or maybe a few more, really good songs. Ray Scott's album is GREAT all the way through!! I do NOT skip any of the songs when playing his, as on some other artist's albums. His voice, the beat, words, and music are AWESOME!! I'm anxious for another CD very soon! Count me in on a purchase! 
~ Cindy, Placerville, CA

An awesome album!! Great music, great voice and excellent lyrics -- very meaningful. Possibly the new outlaw of country music. Definitely in a class with the likes of Toby Keith and former rebellious artists who don't necessarily go with what is popular, but with what means something to him. Can't recommend this album enough. If you like that raw country music sound, definitely go out and get this. 
~ Phil

When I first heard Ray Scott I fell in love with his music and his voice. I just bought his new CD and let me tell you, it is some of the best country music I've heard. This is indeed the real deal and will be here to stay. If you like real country music then this is a must CD. Trust me all of the songs are great on this one. Ray has my seal of approval and believe me I am a true country fan. Keep this guy coming!!!
~  Rosalie K. from PA.

There are 13 great songs on this album. That means 13 reasons to buy it. Very few albums have more than 3 or 4 reasons to them. This guy will be around for a long time. No one can touch his songs or his voice.
~ Jackie


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