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Terri Clark - Life Goes On
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist
Photographer: Andrew Southam

Life Goes On is the title, and first track, of Terri Clark's new album. Not surprisingly, clever lyrics with memorable hooks and outstanding instrumentals comprise the twelve tracks on the album. Although Clark is known for her high energy performances, she delivers an affecting punch on several songs on this project, including one of my favorites, which is also one that she wrote, "Slow News Day." The cleverly written lyrics deliver a serious message in a palatable, musical form. On the opposite end of the  spectrum, Clark kicks it up several notches and rattles the rafters on "Honky Tonk Song;" a perfect ode to the rollicking' country music that Clark is known for and the type of song that helped garner her three Platinum albums.

The album contains more introspection than Clark's previous works; "Not Enough Tequila," "I Wish He'd Been Drinkin' Whiskey," "Travelin' Soul," "Everybody's Gotta Go Sometime" and the aforementioned "Slow News Day" all encourage serious contemplation but the album ends the way it starts, with "Tear it all Down," a rollicking, boot scooter, also written by Clark, that will have you rocking to the rhythm.

Terri Clark is an accomplished singer, guitar player, songwriter, the first Canadian female to be inducted into the prestigious Grand Ole Opry, has been nominated for CMA and ACM Female Vocalist of the Year (more than once); it should come as no surprise that, for her, as Life Goes On she just keeps getting better.

All of us at CSO wish to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Terri Clark and Greg Kaczor on their recent marriage. Terri is one of the truly beautiful people in this industry and Greg is a really great guy. We wish them much happiness.

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Terri Clark - Life Goes On song list:

1. Life Goes On
2. Damn Right 
3. She Didn't Have Time 
4. Cowboy Days 
5. Not Enough Tequila 
6. Bigger Windows 
7. I Wish He'd Been Drinkin' Whiskey 
8. Honky Tonk Song 
9. Travelin' Soul 
10. Everybody's Gotta Go Sometime 
11. Slow News Day 
12. Tear It All Down 

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