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Trace Adkins - Songs About Me
Capitol Records
Album Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

Trace Adkins kicks off this album with the catchy, up-tempo title cut, Songs About Me, and ends about forty minutes later with the marvelous, just plain fun, tongue in cheek, "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" ("And oo wee shut my mouth, slap your grandma") but fasten your seatbelt because in between these two songs, he will have a choke hold on your emotions and weave you through more peaks and valleys than even the Great Smoky Mountains can produce.

There have been many songs about, and dedicated to, the military over the past few years but few of them (perhaps none) have been as poignantly powerful as "Arlington." I was still smiling and toe tapping from the final chords of "Songs About Me" so I was completely blindsided by this song. I should have had a clue from the mournful fiddle and mandolin at the onset of the song but it just didn't register until the chorus when I heard, "And every time I hear twenty-one guns/ I know they brought another hero home to us." I stopped the song immediately and started it over so I could really listen to the words.

In his bio, Adkins says, "I record songs I can believe in and sing with conviction" and you can feel the emotional commitment on this song. "Arlington" is a fitting anthem to all veterans and the depth and breadth with which Adkins delivers the lyrics, clearly adds to the significance of the tribute. If you have ever been to Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC, or just seen photos of the rows and rows and rows of simple white crosses, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, or the Vietnam Memorial Wall there; this song will affect you even more. As an Army veteran, who is married to a career soldier, it certainly impacted my consciousness in a major way. The song is in memory of Marine Corporal Patrick Nixon but kudos and a heartfelt Army "hooah" to songwriters Jeremy Spillman and Dave Turnbull for their compassionate songwriting.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire album but in addition to the songs I already mentioned, I think "I Wish it Was You" has all the right ingredients to be a hit song and "I Learned How to Love From You" is a marvelously sung, simple ode to love and love lost. Adkins deep baritone reverberates with so much feeling from such a quiet place on this song; it's beautifully romantic.

Scott Hendricks and Dann Huff, co-producers of the album, have clearly figured out how to bring out the very best "badonkadonk" in Adkins. This one is a definite keeper. Quality material from start to finish.


Rating: BUY IT!

Trace Adkins - Songs About Me CD track list:

1. Songs About Me 
2. Arlington 
3. Find Me A Preacher 
4. My Way Back 
5. I Wish It Was You 
6. Bring It On 
7. My Heaven 
8. Baby I'm Home 
9. Metropolis 
10. I Learned How To Love From You
11. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk 


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Real People Reviews

I just wanted to thank you, the first time and every time since I heard the song "Arlington", I stop what I am dong, take my hat off and unconsciously stand at a modified parade rest. But again, thank you for honoring those that some forgot have given them their freedoms, even if it is exercising "their" kind of freedom of speech, protesting their troops and their own government.
~Rick Kimbrell
U.S.M.C. 1990 - 1995
K.A.N.G. 1995 - 1997
U.S.M.C.R. 1997 - 2000 

I loved that CD and I think Trace did a wonderful job on every song especially ''ARLINGTON'', what a wonderful tribute to our fallen heroes, it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. But anything Trace Adkins sings is great because I think he is a awesome singer, man, very humble and you can tell how much he loves his family and is very appreciative of his Fan club members. 
A long time fan of Trace Adkins, 
~Joanne C. - Lena, Mississippi 

I love this cd although everyone of his recordings are great this one does have some powerful songs

It has all been said - this is a GREAT CD - I have them all and love them all. Everyone will love this CD, not just us hardcore Trace fans. This man tells it all, you'll laugh, cry and swoon . . . . BUY IT!
~Huge Kansas Fan

This CD is a must have. It is the best CD Trace has done to date. Arlington is a very moving song and "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" is funny and cute. Every song on the CD is good. But then all of Trace's songs are good.
~Debbie - Trace Fan in Illinois

I love this CD as well as all the others.  He's one GREAT ARTIST!!!
~Mary T.

I think this album is one of the best Trace has ever recorded. Trace puts such emotion into all of his songs. That is what sets him apart from so many other male country stars. You won't be sorry if you buy this album. Nobody does it better than Trace. The song "Arlington" is such a heartfelt tribute to all our veterans and of course, no other person could sing that song with as much emotion as Trace. Thank you Trace for recording it. And of course, nobody, and I mean nobody can sing a song like "Bring It On" but the one and only Trace Adkins. If you don't already have this album, buy it. You won't be sorry.
~Lisa from Alabama

This album is a must have for any music lover. There is something for everyone. It has country, rock and blues. A little heartache mixed in with a fun ending song that will have your toes tapping. Trace’s tribute to our fallen hero’s is truly amazing – “Arlington” is destined to become a patriotic classic. This is a must have album – you won’t regret your purchase. 
~Jan the Trace Fan from SW Indiana 

I personally feel this is the best CD Trace Adkins has ever done. It gets down to the nitty gritty about what Life really is about. It is a CD, as he says that is sung with a lot of conviction, and even his song Arlington is done in a way that he is not promoting the war, or trying to make money by singing a song because there happens to be a war going on right now.
Trace has yet to receive the recognition that I as one of his major fans thinks he deserves, I have never once, not bought one of his CD's and I have never been disappointed in any of them, although, I must say, as I stated earlier, this is definitely his BEST!!!
~No  name given.

This is his best CD so far. One song may bring a tear to your eye and then the next one makes you laugh. This is a real keeper.

I love every song on that CD but "Arlington" touches me the most, Trace is a very humble and caring man and he says and sings what he believes in. 
~A true fan of Trace Adkins in Mississippi 

I hope all of the Fans out there will finally give Trace his due and help him get some of the rewards he deserves, while it is ok to do county fairs and other concerts, he needs to be THE HEADLINE> because I for one Do Not think there is a Male country Star out there singing today that can sing any better than Trace! So come on Fans!! Let's show Trace what we think about him!!!!
This CD has it all!! It has the fun songs, the romantic songs and the most touching song is "Arlington" which Trace gives total respect to our military! You have to buy this CD, you will not regret it, just like all the rest of his collection!!! 

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