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Tracy Byrd - Greatest Hits II
Album review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill

If his new Greatest Hits album is any indication, Tracy Byrd subscribes to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school of thought and the reasons are clearly obvious. Very few artists who made their way onto the country charts more than a decade ago have been as successful at staying on them as Byrd. He is quick to credit his fans for his ongoing success; especially those affectionately referred to as "Byrd Watchers", however, I would imagine that his incredibly rich baritone voice, good-natured charm and handsome good looks may have something to do with his enduring popularity.

It also can't hurt that Byrd has consistently made excellent choices in selecting material and to guarantee continued success on his Greatest Hits album he has, once again, partnered up with Billy Joe Walker to co-produce.

The album contains ten of his biggest hits and two new songs; his current hit "Revenge of a Middle-aged Woman" and a rocking, bluesy number titled "Johnny Cash" which, despite the title, really has nothing to do with the legendary namesake. None the less, it is a great toe tapper. Also included on the album, he joins forces with Mark Chesnutt to deliver the romp-stompin' "A Good Way to Get on My Bad Side" and the boisterous, tongue-in-cheek ode to manhood recorded with Andy Griggs, Blake Shelton and Montgomery Gentry; "The Truth About Men." There are new versions of "Watermelon Crawl," "I'm From the Country," and my personal favorite Byrd tune, "The Keeper of the Stars."

I think that one of the hallmarks of a great entertainer is that they love what they are doing and their passion for their craft is reflected in the quality of the work they put forth. This fact is clearly evident in everything Byrd does.

In the last verse from "Revenge of a Middle-Aged Woman," he sings "Well I believe good wine and women get better with time ..." Clearly; the same can be said of Tracy Byrd.


Rating: BUY IT!

Tracy Byrd - Greatest Hits II CD track list:

1. The Truth About Men 
2. Just Let Me Be In Love 
3. Drinkin' Bone 
4. Watermelon Crawl 
5. Keeper Of The Stars 
6. A Good Way To Get On My Bad Side 
7. Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo
8. Put Your Hand In Mine
9. I'm From The Country 
10. Tiny Town
11. Johnny Cash
12. Revenge Of A Middle-Aged Woman 

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Real People Reviews

Tracy Byrd's new album, Greatest Hits, is the best. He is so good and does not get near the attention he should get from the Disc Jockeys in our Phoenix, AZ Area. Always the best to Tracy Byrd.
Lois Johnson

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