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Allison Moorer - The Definitive Collection
Review By Jim Moulton, CSO Staff Journalist

Allison Moorer, like her big sister Shelby Lynne is an artist who has a big, warm southern voice, she's also a great songwriter who does not get enough attention. Also, used for this review is FYE's new mix and burn system where you can pull up what you want and burn it on the spot on a hi-quality CDR, you can make any collection of songs that you want, you say, but I can do that on my computer, yeah, but this way the artist gets paid and it is cheaper than a CD. MCA Nashville Records did a great job of selecting the nineteen tracks on The Definitive Collection , mostly from her four major label discs, Alabama Song, Hardest Part, Miss Fortune and Show, a live set recorded at Nashville's 12th and Porter.

Moorer has moved on to Sugar Hill Records where she has made a rock album, The Duel, and a new pop-rock disc titled Getting Somewhere, produced by new hubby Steve Earle. 
Her earlier songs had a real country feel to them like "Long Black Train", "Is Heaven Good Enough For You"- live version here from Show. "Soft Place To Fall" from the movie "The Horse Whisperer" (which was her first popular song.) "Hardest Part" from the second disc (title track) is very folk/country sounding.

The title track from her first album, "Alabama Song" has a wash of pedal steel and country guitars with beautiful background vocals. This compilation sounds excellent, better than I remember the original recordings. You don't get any liner notes with the mix and burn system, just the CD cover and song list on the back and on the CDR too.

"Send Down An Angel" from the heavily produced Miss Fortune on Universal South is just a great song, highlighting Moorer's vocals, but maybe a bit heavy on production (too much strings).

"Dying Breed" is a sad song about her dad who killed her mom and then shot himself. It's a bit biographical. This version sounds like it's from Miss Fortune, though it's on the live Show also. Basically an acoustic tune with some strings.

On Show, sis Shelby sings some songs with her. They sound great together.

From the first No Depression compilation is the excellent "Storms Never Last", a typical slow acoustic soul baring song that is moving and her lyrics are just great.

"Easier To Forget" is another very good, country sounding ballad with dobro, mandolin and pedal steel. Some Jordanaire like background vocals.

"Hardest Part" is very country sounding with banjo, fiddle (all acoustic), and a very moving song.
-Hardest part of living is loving-, very well put together lyrics, nice instrumental breaks.

"Let Go" is an upbeat country rocker with some great electric country guitar parts. This collection is a virtual goldmine.

For Moorer Fans, this is a great collection of her best country style material, for new fans, a great jumping off place, her style has changed for the time being, so this is very special.

Click on the CD cover to order yours!
1. A Soft Place To Fall
2. Long Black Train 
3. Alabama Song
4. Set You Free 
5. Easier To Forget 
6. The Hardest Part 
7. Is It Worth It? 
8. Send Down An Angel 
9. I Ain't The One 
10. Moonshiner 
11. Tumbling Down 
12. Hey Jezebel 
13. Steal The Sun 
14. Dying Breed 
15. Storms Never Last 
16. Don't Cry No Tears
17. Let Go 
18. I'll Break Before I Bend 
19. Is Heaven Good Enough For You


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