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Brian McComas - Back Up Again  
Album Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

Brian is back!! Not only Back Up Again, he is just plain back, doing an awesome job with this new project. His voice is stronger and better than before. He shows that he is ready to make another mark on country music with this one, and he does it not only well, he does it in EXTREME. McComas is out to show this industry that he can not only sing a great country song, he can write and produce it as well. He should be proud of that.

Brian was born in Bethesda, Maryland but grew up in the Ozarks. While there, he found his love and passion of different kinds of music, but it wasn't until he moved to Nashville in the late 90's that he found out that he wanted to make a career out of singing and writing country music. His self titled album produced four top 40 hit's, sent him on the road doing concerts and made himself a household name to people in Country Music. McComas, best known for hits “99.9% Sure (I’ve Never Been Here Before)” and “You’re In My Head,” makes another album full of hits with KATAPULT Records titled: Back Up Again. A cousin to the last CD, he says his goal on the new project was to have some of the same type of music from the debut album but also have some different yet fresh material to maybe gain some new fans, but also not to lose the fans of the past.

With KATAPULT records Brain finds himself being able to be involved and creative in his career. He wants to be successful in what "he" wants to do, not want somebody else wants him to do, and I think that is really smart thinking. He wants people to not only remember his songs for what they are about, but what "he" is all about also. Speaking about being involved, McComas wrote/co-wrote and produced 10 out of the 11 tracks on this album. The title of the album Back Up Again doesn't mean he's been down and now he's back up again, it's means much more than that. He took a rest to be with family for a while and now, with this project, he's been re-ignited. Brian is back on his game, doing what he loves and what is in his heart, writing, singing and producing great country music for all of us to enjoy.

"I'll Believe It When I See It," is written about the up's and downs of the music business today. Brian feels that he's got a good education on how things work in the industry now and has gained more street smarts since he's been there. People don't always say what they mean, so this is pretty much his view of that. 

"Good Good Lovin'" - Is the first single off the album, most similar to his past albums song "99% Sure" because of it's sing along momentum. It's positive, and Brian says that there is way too much negative stuff that goes around, so he wanted people to be able to escape that, even if it was only for three minutes. A song about loving someone so much, you can't wait until you'll get to see them again. 

Brian included the classic Everly Brothers' "Wake Up Little Susie" on this album, this is the only song not written or co-written by him on this project, not only because it is such a classic, and since Chet Atkins was involved in the recording process of it, it also has a lot of history behind it. But Brian thought since he has made his mark on it now, he hopes to bring a whole new generation to loving this great song. 

McComas' approach while on stage, he says, he likes to get his audience involved, he wants to make sure they know he is having a good time, so they can in turn, do the same. He believes that entertaining people is very important and wants that to come across. This album shows that approach, it has a bit more energy than his debut album, a little edginess and a more live sound to it. Get ready for Brian, his album hit's the stores August 29, I'm sure you'll be blown away like I was by this incredible talent.

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1. Back Up Again 
2. I'll Believe It When I See It 
3. Off My Mind 
4. Good, Good Lovin 
5. Let Love Lead the Way 
6. All Come Floodin Down 
7. It'll Be Alright 
8. That Won't Ever Change 
9. Wake Up Little Susie - Kevin Denney, Brian McComas 
10. Too Far Gone 
11. Addicted to You 

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