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That's How They Do It In Dixie - Hank Williams Jr.  
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist

Break out the beer keg and throw some sawdust on the floor 'cause "all your rowdy friends" will want to get together to listen to this album. Little did we know when the battle cry, "the south will rise again" was first verbalized, that it would be a musical invasion and the person leading the charge would be Randall Hank Williams.

Other than the first and final tracks, the only thing new on this album are the arrangements but this collection of songs spans so many decades, and the songs are such an integral part of our musical history, that you never tire of hearing them. Each track is a certified sing-a-long party song and we all know that Hank Williams Jr. is practically the party icon.

Gretchen Wilson, Van Zant and Big and Rich help get the party started by joining Williams on the first track, which is also the title track. Yep, no way to feel blue when these tracks come pouring out of the speakers. Go ahead, crank up the volume and just see what happens; I dare you. These songs are so synonymous with a party that, even if you are alone, it will only take a minute before you are up on your feet dancing around the room, singing at the top of your lungs with a lampshade on your head, strumming your air guitar like an absolute pro; and that is before you have even had one drink.

Despite the title of this album, it doesn't matter which side of the Mason-Dixon line you live on; classic, bluesy, sinuous, soulful music, with memorable lyrics and fantastic instrumental riffs, flows freely across all borders and, although it may come as a shock to those who live in Dixie, this is how great music sounds all over the world.

"There's a Tear in My Beer," where, via the marvel of technology, we get to hear Hank Jr. sing along with Hank Sr., is one of my favorite tracks. This has to be one of the greatest beer drinking songs ever recorded and it is classic country with a capital "C"; eloquent in its simplicity and this entire album isn't just a lyrical delight, the instrumentals on every track are fantastic.

The final track, "Stirrin' it Up" is directed at tabloid media. The rocking rhythm and drum driven music belies the seriousness of the lyrics but the lyrics also reveal that Williams is willing to not take himself too seriously: "I am from the old school / cowboy hat, sho'nuff / too damned old to change horses now / 'cause I would probably fall off” – “I have learned at the school of hard knocks / things change quite a bit / now when other folks get all jacked up / I don't really give a [pause] darn".

The only down side to this album will be when it ends. There I was at my computer just rockin' out and having such a great time. This ole Yankee gal was singing along with Hank at the top of my lungs and even discovered that my swivel office chair CAN line dance. My party was in full swing and then the final cut ended and the silence was deafening. I wasn't ready to give up all those care-free, good feelings I was experiencing so I did what I'm sure everyone is going to do; I hit replay and started the party over.

The Williams' "Family Tradition" is far reaching so what are you waiting for? This album is guaranteed to put you in a "Country State of Mind" and no matter what your lineage, you will discover you were "Born to Boogie" and I think Hank Jr. will continue to keep "Stirrin' it Up" for a long time to come.

(Warning: Listening to this album too often could cause you to name your first child or beloved pet, Bocephus!)

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1. That's How They Do It in Dixie 
2. Family Tradition 
3. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight 
4. A Country Boy Can Survive 
5. Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound 
6. There's A Tear in My Beer 
7. If Heaven Ain't a Lot Like Dixie 
8. Born to Boogie 
9. Women I've Never Had 
10. Country State of Mind 
11. My Name Is Bocephus 
12. Stirrin' It Up 

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Real People Reviews

I just wanted to let ya know that I have 2 boys, one is 16 and the other is 14, and they thought this CD was awesome. In this day and time it is very rare for teenagers to listen to country music much less like it but my 2 sons loved it so much they had to buy it.
~ Not Signed

I loved the cd it was time to see him again I'm a huge fan seen him 3 times over the years I'd go again anytime.
~ Carol


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