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I Don't Need A Record Deal!: 
Your Survival Guide For The Indie Music Revolution 
by Daylle Deanna Schwartz
Book Review by Cheryl Harvey Hill

Daylle Deanna Schwartz isn't just guessing about how to succeed at the things she writes about, she speaks from experience and the most solid endorsement of her books may well be her own success. Schwartz doesn't just talk the talk; she, fearlessly and aggressively, walks the walk. Among the many hats she so confidently wears are those of accomplished writer, speaker, music industry consultant, and personal growth counselor. Her goal for this latest book is to provide a comprehensive guide to empower "those who want to make a living from their musical talents." To that end, in addition to the book, she has also created an impressive website, produces a free bi-monthly newsletter and offers up a plethora of valuable resources; in print and online. In her quest to be a truly beneficial resource, her networking is continual and her website is not merely an extension of her book; it actually picks up where the book leaves off.

"This book is dedicated to all of the many independent artists who are working so hard to stay true to their souls and create the best music available today. The DIY spirit is soaring to new heights. May independent music continue to prosper and prove that an artist can survive and thrive without a record deal." D.D. Schwartz

Probably the most astute observation she shares in her book is what she has to say about the changing dynamics of the music industry and as far as I'm concerned she is right on target and has clearly done her homework. Schwartz heard, first hand, the stories from artists who attached their dreams to major labels only to have them shattered. Her book offers up viable alternatives to major label deals that not only promise an artist success but shows them, step by step, how to chart career longevity. She provides a meticulous and accurate road map to success that includes clear mile markers and ample pit stops along the way that will certainly enhance the trip. However, she is not saying that an artist should turn down a major label deal; what she says is that if you are offered a deal by a major label, you should feel confident before you sign on the dotted line, that your decision is an informed one. "Informed" is the key word here and if you have read Ms. Schwartz's book from cover to cover, you will be more than adequately informed.

"When major label artists sell 20,000 CDs, or even 200,000 CDs, they're treated like failures. When indies sell those numbers, they celebrate. I encourage you to develop your career first to give yourself more leverage to get a deal that will advance your career." D.D. Schwartz

After doing research for this book review, and then reading the book, it would be an understatement to say I'm in awe. Schwartz is one remarkable and savvy lady. She says that her dreams regularly become reality now. Even after only reading one of her books, it is easy to see why but what's more important is that her books provide readers with a clear, step by step guide to making their own dreams become reality and her advice is applicable to life in general. If you are an aspiring artist or someone who is interested in any facet of the music business, you would be wise to pick up a copy of this book. I'm certain you will find it to be a valuable and empowering resource that will have you boldly saying, "I Don't Need a Record Deal!"

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