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Josh Turner - Your Man 
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist

MCA recording artist Josh Turner has followed up his platinum album Long Black Train with a sophomore album that guarantees we will be hearing his beautiful, booming baritone on the radio for a long time to come. Just in time for Valentines Day, Your Man debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and the title cut is already sitting comfortably within the top five on R&R and the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart.

Turner's wonderful voice can resonate straight to your gut with very little effort but on this album, he benefits from some great songwriting too. Four of the strongest cuts on the album were co-written by singer/songwriter Shawn Camp; including the cleverly written "Loretta Lynn's Lincoln" which contains a dream sequence that contains the words "Like any other would-be country singin' sensation / I had no visible means of transportation. The radio was on / And we was all lip synchin' / Ridin' 'round Nashville / In Loretta Lynn's Lincoln." With its clever, rhyming phrasing and catchy rhythm, I am certain it is destined to be a popular line dance.

Turner had a hand in writing on five of the eleven cuts on this project; including "White Noise" which he wrote and performs with John Anderson. I don't know how politically correct "Take me where those honkies are a tonkin'" is but I really thought it was funny. Turner and Anderson each have such distinct voices and there is some delightful fiddle and piano playing on this cut as well. "It ain't a thing 'bout black and white / It's Johnny Cash and Charley Pride / That's what I call white noise / Comin' from the real McCoys."

"Angels Fall Sometimes" is definitely one of my favorite cuts. Turner has the perfect voice to deliver these beautiful lyrics and when I saw that this song was written by Turner, with the help of Tony Martin and Mark Nesler, it was not surprising that I loved it. Nesler and Martin have written, collectively and individually, a remarkable index of songs for just about everybody who's anybody in Nashville; they are the dynamic duo in songwriting and if this song doesn't make it to the top of the charts, I will really be surprised.

Turner wrote "Me and God" and gets an assist in singing it from Dr. Ralph Stanley in addition to Marty Roe, Gene Johnson and Dana Williams of Diamond Rio. The vocal harmonies are nice, the lyrics are simple and the music is uplifting; as is the final track, "Way Down South," which is also written by Turner.

Turner's sophomore project is reflective of a more confident singer and songwriter and the influences of some of his early musical heroes are cleverly incorporated into the album to give it a unique diversity, but let's be honest; it's the voice that keeps you coming back for more. Turner's rich, captivating, mesmerizing, baritone voice slides out of the speakers, wraps you up in a super comfy emotional aura of well-being and transports you to a safe place away from all the ills of the world. Turner sings on this album, "I thank the Lord that angels fall sometimes;" all I have to say is, "Thank God for singers like Josh Turner." Do yourself a favor, give Turner a chance and let him be Your Man; I can guarantee you won't regret it.

Your Man song list:

To purchase the CD online click on the album cover.

1. Would You Go With Me 
2. Baby's Gone Home To Mama
3. No Rush 
4. Your Man
5. Loretta Lynn's Lincoln 
6. White Noise 
7. Angels Fall Sometimes 
8. Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy 
9. Me And God 
10. Gravity 
11. Way Down South

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Real People Reviews

Keep up the good work! I love country but your by far my favorite singer! I love your songs Long Black Train, Would You Go With Me and Your Man !!!! Keep on singing,
~ Justin - TN

~ D.M.

I never listen to country music, however, in surfing on my radio I hear this deep voice singing “Would You go With Me’ and I was knocked over. 
~ Brenda H.

Josh opens up with a fast tune with what we call in the bluegrass world as "driving" music. Jeff Surratt really brings it in with his dobro throughout the song. Josh delivers ranging his voice with "Would You Go With Me" and drives deep into the bass vocals with "never shut it dooownnn". This song is true traditional country music that just reminds you of being on a hay wagon with the one you love driving through the hollers of the Appalachian Mountains during the fall time. 

"Baby's Gone Home to Mama" is a funny upbeat song about Josh sitting around while the one he loves has went home to her Mama because she is fed up with his way. You feel like you are sitting there in the trailer or old house with him and has that "redneck" feeling to it. 

"No Rush" is probably one of my favorite slow songs of all time. It is just so powerful and soulful. You totally relax to this perfect love song. I am reminded of those love songs that Conway Twitty sang in his day. Now this is one of those songs that is destine to be a hit. 

"Your Man" is the first hit single off of this sophomore release. Already a top 20 hit heading up to the #1 spot on the charts with the country cha cha feeling. 

"Loretta Lynn's Lincoln" is a fun tale of "J. Otis" (Josh Otis Turner) who thinks he is driving Loretta Lynn's Lincoln, even driving with Dolly Parton to meet up with Loretta at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge. At the end, he realized that it was all a dream. The funniest saying is at the beginning with Josh going "Loretta Lynn's Lincoln?" to the salesman at the carlot. 

Get your cowboy boots on when you hear "White Noise" sung with John Anderson. I smell a country line dance being made with this tune. This song reminds me of my high school to college days with the crowds and the good times shared with friends. The interesting element is "It's Johnny Cash and Charley Pride...talking about the white noise coming from the real McCoy's." 

"Angels Fall Sometimes" is an instant love song that Josh wrote for his wonderful wife, Jennifer. He cannot believe that someone like her that is a pure angel could ever fall with a guy like him. The acoustic notes on the guitar dance around the vocals that intertwine a love story like the one told by Josh. 

Josh succeeds in executing a great cover song with "Lord Have Mercy On a Country Boy". It is a hit in his shows and a hit on his record. It really reflects how the country boy from South Carolina moved to the big city of Nashville to make a living. Don William would be proud of this version, which is right to the exact of the original. 

Gravity is an excellent tune reflecting of childhood falls due to gravity up to growing up and falling in love due to gravity. It is in the same slow manner as "I Had One One Time" from his previous album. The song really shows Josh's vocal talents. 

Me and God is an uplifting tune about how God is a huge part in Josh's life. With Diamond Rio filling in background vocals, and a duet with Ralph Stanley, this is a good old fashion country gospel tune. You can feel it being sung at a country Baptist church deep in the hills of the mountains with Ralph's and Josh's voices. 

Way Down South is an excellent way to tie the ending to the record with the extended "jamming" version towards the end of the song. It points out all things southern that are also the best things in life. Back at the show in Owensboro, Josh mentioned that he just played the song to folks in Las Vegas and they had no clue what he was talking about. He said that he thinks he will only play it for southern folks like us. Haha 

The album overall is a piece of recording art. This is the type of album that Josh wanted and it truly shows. I know that it would be something to be proud of because there is not one bad song on it. 
Congrats to Josh and the band for producing a product that is superb in quality!
~ Jessica V. of Kentucky

There is just something about this boy’s voice that is so sexy! I bought the album Your Man because of how it made me feel. I guess the word would be Sultry. I loved "Long Black Train" and already knew I liked to listen to him. Like all albums there are some songs I love. Some are just o.k. Over all I like it. I like "Me and God". I appreciate the gospel being put into “real music” again.
~ Melisa

My husband and I are in our 70's and we enjoy your music very much. We feel you are real country. There are so many artists out there today that call themselves country and they are not. Our favorite country singer has always been George Jones and we feel you rank right up there with George. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and we will be listening.
~ AJ 


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