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Keith Urban Ė Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing
Album review by Brianna Nightingale

It is no surprise that Keith Urban is only becoming more prominent and more liked every time he releases an album and it isn't only his great voice and handsome good looks that make him increasingly popular. That fact is made perfectly clear when you hear his dynamic guitar work on Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing. This CD includes thirteen tracks and every one is a joy to listen to.

The first song on this album, "Once In a Lifetime," is Urbanís current single. It is only one of many songs included on the album with amazingly powerful lyrics. This song takes you through two peoples lives of happiness together, starting with "I do" through children being born. Basically the lyrics are saying trust me; I know this is something weíre taking a risk with, but I know we can do it as long as weíre together.

"Shine" is a very enjoyable song with creative and visual lyrics. The way Urban illustrates someone who is upset and then tells them that heíll always be there during those times is unbelievable. 

"When the sun is hard to find / When it's raining in your eyes / When the shadows block those pretty little blue skies living inside you / When the falling of your tears, makes a candle disappear / When you just can't see the light / Baby, I'll find a way to shine."

Although it is sad, "I Told You So" isnít a typical slow, depressing song. It tells the story about two people who have separated, and the man asks her to come back to him.

"I Canít Stop Loving You" is a remake of the Phil Collins song, written in 2002. It took a while for me to get used to this since I have heard the original version numerous times, but I do like it. Itís interesting to hear the melodic changes made by Urban. Since a majority of us can count our good friends on one hand, "Wonít Let You Down" reassures that youíll never have to "wonder if I care / Iíll always be there / I wonít let you down / cause Iím your best friend now."

Although it is hard to pick a favorite out of all these wonderful songs, "Stupid Boy" has been on repeat since I bought the CD. Itís a very true song, and unfortunately, all too real. There are girls in this world who are in a relationship where they donít know what other options are out there until one day reality hits them. They feel trapped in the life they are living and although itís not the right one, they donít see that right away; but when they do, theyíre "long, long gone." "She laid her heart and soul right in your hands / and you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans / She never knew she had a choice / And thatís what happens when the only voice / She hears is telling her / She canít."

The last song on the album, "Got It Right This Time," describes exactly what the media tells us about Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. He wrote and produced this song that tells the story we all want to think of as our fairytale that has or will one day, come true. "True believers always find each other / And here we are / I always knew that you were out there / Just waitiní on me / For me to find my way, find my way to your heart."

Urban wrote or co-wrote eleven of the thirteen songs on this album and it is his songwriting contributions that make the album feel like a good book. You know the one you start reading and then just canít put down.

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1. Once In A Lifetime 
2. Shine 
3. I Told You So 
4. I Can't Stop Loving You 
5. Won't Let You Down 
6. Faster Car 
7. Stupid Boy 
8. Used To The Pain 
9. Raise The Barn (featuring Ronnie Dunn)
10. God Made Woman 
11. Tu Compania 
12. Everybody 
13. Got It Right This Time

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Real People Reviews

Just a few words on the Be Here and Love, Pain and the whole crazy thing... Real, from the heart, honest and refreshing. 
I know first hand.
Stay well,
~ "Liz"

Keith Urban has outdone himself!! This new album is FANTASTIC!! I love every song on it! I love all of Keithís Cds, but this one is becoming my favorite very fast!! Way to go Keith! Keith, I hope you are on the road to recovery and will be happy and healthy next year and will be out touring and doing what you do bestÖ...performing LIVE!!
~ Gloria / GA

I absolutely love Keith's new CD. It is definitely one of my all time favorites. Every song is a hit and should top charts around the country. He is so gifted in so many ways- as a singer, musician, songwriter, producer. What I really love about his music, is that it elicits so much response in me. I really feel that I know something about Keith because he is open, honest and not afraid to be vulnerable in his music. And I love his sophistication and class. Nothing sleazy in Keith's lyrics or style- just sheer enjoyable talent.
~ Louise



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