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Mark Chesnutt - Heard It In A Love Song  
Album Review By: Cheryl Harvey Hill, Sr. Staff Journalist

This past week has been really hectic and my body and mind were worn down from just the weight of every day things. I was feeling like I needed a "get away," maybe to the mountains or a spa, but it turns out that calm and serenity were within easy reach as I sat at my office desk; right in my CD player.

I had Heard It In A Love Song sitting on my desk for a few days. It was on my review schedule but I really didn't think Mark Chesnutt was going to help me in my desire to escape. Well, I owe Mr. Chesnutt an apology, it turns out that he is just what the doctor ordered. The eight songs he covers on this album are a quality tribute to the originals and yet each song is freshly delivered with just enough panache and originality that it reflects his own unique stamp.

The album kicks off with an up-tempo, easy gliding, boot scootin', cover of a song made famous in the late seventies by the Marshall Tucker Band, "Heard It In A Love Song." This classic sets the pace for the rest of the album and is the perfect intro for a leisurely stroll, waltz, and two-step down a most endearing memory lane. Even Waylon would surely be pleased with Chesnutt's rendition of "Dreaming My Dreams With You," and it takes a lot of courage to cover a song that is so well known, by an artist that is so beloved. Chesnutt's confidence in his own ability is reflected in the selection of the songs he so fearlessly covers on this album and rightfully so.

The entire album is guaranteed to generate plenty of smiles and dislodge some old memories that may have been filed away for so long that you almost forgot that summer when George Jones' lyrics of "A Day In The Life Of A Fool" appropriately described your life. Oh, okay, so maybe not your life, but definitely mine. Oh yes, and as a perfect compliment to the Jones classic, Chesnutt also delivers a most enjoyable cover of Tammy Wynette's " Apartment #9".

You may recall that Chesnutt set out in 2004 to save the honky tonks and it appears that he is still on a mission to satisfy the country purists. If this album is any indication, he is definitely on a dedicated path to success. The entire album, from start to finish, is a fitting tribute to tradition.

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1. Heard It In A Love Song 
2. Dreaming In My Dreams 
3. That Good That Bad 
4. A Hard Secret To Keep 
5. A Day In The Life Of A Fool
6. You Can't Find Many Kissers 
7. Apartment #9 
8. A Shoulder To Cry On 
9. Goodbye Comes Hard For Me 
10. Lost Highway 

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Real People Reviews

Thank you for featuring Mark Chesnutt's new CD Heard it in a love song. I will always love his Honky Tonk country style!

This an absolutely awesome album. Mark nailed EVERY song!
~ Cathy in Minnesota


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