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Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris: Real Live Roadrunning
Review By: Penny Rondinella, CSO Staff Journalist

"This Is Us" Video:  

Two legendary artists got together over the past several years and decided to make this live album. Knopfler's Aussie-rock and Harris' earthy folk-country stylings mix well together and make this album something very special.


The DVD has a mini interview and a photo shoot where they both (Knopfler and Harris) talk about the project that became their previous album. There are some other things that are included, such as a warm-up session (a little jam session) where the players all sit around and play acoustically to get ready for the show. I love jam sessions, they aren't really performing for you, just kicking around some tunes, and I really like that kind of thing. It is definitely an addition to this project.


In the concert portion they play a nice mix of songs from the Knopfler and Harris album, "All the road running" along with some of Knopfler's gems from his solo work along with a few Dire Straits tunes. Knopfler brings out several guitars and shows what he can do with them.


Highlights for me were:

"I Dug Up A Diamond" (my love of mandolins and the mixing with Knopfler's guitars - awesome)

"Why Worry" (with Mark & Emmylou singing together - amazing)

"Red Staggerwing" (twangy track with a fantastic fiddle solo)

"This Is Us" (who doesn't love the piano and there is a super ending to the song)

"Right Now" (an extended live version)

"Speedway To Nazareth" (Dire Straits fans, your going to love this one, Knopfler's guitar work is down right incredible)


This set comes as a CD / DVD combo, so if you caught the tour, pick up this album, it makes a great souvenir.


Check out the video interview!   


Also check out George Peden's review of this CD posted here on CSO earlier this year.


Click on the DVD cover to order yours!

1. Beachcombing 
2. I Dug Up A Diamond 
3. This Is Us
4. Red Staggerwing 
5. Rollin' On 
6. Love and Happiness for You 
7. Right Now 
8. Donkey Town
9. Belle Star 
10. Beyond My Wildest Dreams 
11. All the Roadrunning 
12. If This is Goodbye

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