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Phil Vassar - Greatest Hits Volume 1
By: Brianna Nightingale, CSO Contributing Journalist

Phil Vassar’s Greatest Hits Album includes fifteen songs, some that many people, including me, didn’t know he wrote. Some songs such as “I’m Alright,” “My Next Thirty Years” and “Little Red Rodeo” will sound familiar because they were originally sung by Jo Dee Messina, Tim McGraw and Colin Raye. The new versions on this album, sung by Vassar, give the songs a whole new feeling. “Bye Bye,” initially sung by Messina and “For a Little While,” a Tim McGraw hit, are also included on the album. 

“The Woman In My Life,” “Twenty One” and “Last Day of My Life” are three new songs that Vassar wrote because of experiences or people that tremendously impacted his life. “The Woman In My Life” was written because Vassar is the only man in the family; he has daughters, sisters who have daughters, a wife, his mother and grandmothers. The song is special to him, not only because his wife, Julie, helped him write it, but also because it is for the women who mean the most to him. “Twenty One” is a song that describes the past and how as we grow up, we learn that we didn’t know everything, despite how sure we were that we did know everything at the time. “Last Day of My Life” was written when he lost one of the best friends he ever had. 

“When somebody that is so close to you dies, your own mortality is just thrown right in your face. Every day is a gift. You’re not guaranteed anything.” Phil Vassar 

The only song on the album that Vassar did not write himself is the last song, “I’ll Take That As a Yes.” He included this song because he thought it was a fun song that he could use to show people “that side of me that nobody knows about.”

Overall, this album is great even for those who have been fans for a long time. Normally, greatest hits albums are so full of songs that many people already have on all of their other CDs. This time it’s different; you get three new songs, as well as some you have heard, just not from their original creator.

To purchase the CD online, click on the album cover.
1. Bye Bye
2. In A Real Love 
3. Carlene 
4. I'm Alright 
5. Last Day Of My Life
6. My Next Thirty Years 
7. Little Red Rodeo 
8. American Child 
9. Twenty One
10. Just Another Day In Paradise 
11. For A Little While
12. The Woman In My Life 
13. Six-Pack Summer 
14. That's When I Love You 
15. I'll Take That As A Yes (The Hot Tub Song)

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