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Rockie Lynne - Self-Titled Debut 
By: Jim Weaver,
Editor In Chief

Rockie Lynne's self-titled major label debut CD hit the store shelves last week and his "overnight success" has officially begun. Overnight to you and me maybe, but Rockie's musical journey began in the 7th grade growing up in a strict North Carolina church-going family who apparently believed anything that wasn't of the Lord therefore had to be of the devil. Not that there's anything wrong with growing up in a Christian home, in fact, I highly recommend it. But some folks don't seem to understand that other styles of music can be good too. For more on that, please read Lynne's bio from his website, I really enjoyed his story, and I truly like his music as well.

You can hear it in his voice, Rockie has been there, done that, and got a bunch of T-Shirts along the way. His musical highway has taken him from coast to coast, border to border and probably most every little town along the way. What experience hath brought to Lynne, and fortunately the rest of us, is a singer/songwriter who gets "it", then turns "it" into relatable music with a catchy hook. In fact one of my favorite songs on this CD is "That's Where Songs Come From", which does one of the best jobs I've ever heard of explaining the relationship between life and music. It all spells great potential for commercial success and Lynne has already enjoyed some of that, reaching #1 both on the radio and through sales of his debut single "Lipstick".

Being from Texas myself, I'm impressed with how well Lynne picked up on the Texan attitude on "The Only Reason", seeing as he's from North Carolina and all. "Love's the only reason I'd ever leave Texas, she's the only reason I'd ever stay gone". Most Texans wouldn't leave for anything including love... money, maybe!

Including the two mentioned above there quite a few songs on this CD that I like for several different reasons; "Super Country Cowboy",  "Every Man's Got A Mountain", "Red, White and Blue" and others.

Overall this is a terrific album from a guy who seems quite genuine, I really think you'll like it to. 

To purchase the CD online, click on the album cover.
1. Lipstick 
2. The Only Reason 
3. More 
4. Super Country Cowboy 
5. Thats Where Songs Come From 
6. Do We Still 
7. Big Time In A Small Town 
8. Dont Make This Easy On Me 
9. Love Me Like You re Going To Lose Me 
10. Every Mans Got A Mountain 
11. Holding Back The Ocean 
12. Red, White and Blue

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Real People Reviews

Just wanted to email and say thanks for the awesome review of Rockie Lynne's new CD. I bought it the day it came out and it hasn't left my CD player since. Not only does Rockie have and amazing voice, guitar playing skills, and songwriting ability; but every song on there seems to be a reflection of the man himself. I love when an artists can take their life experiences, both good and bad and turn, and turn it into something beautiful. That is true art! I love every song on the whole album but "That's Where Songs Come From" has to be one my very favorites. I get chills every 
time I hear the line "its in the fire where the steel is born," how true! A few of my other favorites on the CD are "Every Man's Got a Mountain," "More" and of course his first single "Lipstick!" If you have not bought this CD you simply must 
get it immediately! Thanks, 
~ Sandra, NJ 


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