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Ronnie Milsap - My Life  
Album Review By: Jolene Downs, CSO Contributing Journalist

Ronnie Milsap is a true living legend. He hit the country charts in the early 70's and has charted every decade since 
then and is still going strong. With an impressive 40 number one hits under his belt, he is someone to take very seriously when he decides to go into the studio. His last new studio album was the Grammy nominated album of standards, Just For a Thrill, in 2004. My Life is Milsap's first album of new country music since 1993's True Believer. He recently re-signed with his longtime label RCA and notable producer Keith Stegall was tapped for this project. The album is released through Sony/BMG. 

One thing that can be said about Mr. Milsap is that he has 
the ability to change with the times and constantly reinvent himself and his music while still sounding uniquely Milsap. The first single release from the album, "Local Girls," has the sound of the islands and became a fast fan favorite as it hit the charts soon after release. The video gathered steam on the video channels and introduced Ronnie to a whole new generation of fans. The rest of the album is more geared to what long time fans remember. You'll find lots of steel guitar along with lyrics that actually have something to say. There is absolutely no filler to be found. Every song has the potential to be a single release. There is some upbeat music with new RCA group Jypsi joining Ronnie on "You Don't Know My Love." You'll definitely hear the ballads that will make you run for the box of tissues in songs like "If It's Gonna Rain" and "Somewhere Dry." He takes on a reflective tone with "My Life" as he tells us that when all is said and done he will know that everything that happened in his life was his own path and not the path people took before him. "A Day In The Life of America" hits the nail on the head with how we tend to live our lives, working so hard that everything passes us by before we wake up one day and realize it is gone. 

This album is proof of what he sometimes says in his shows. "Watch out! Ole Milsap's Back!" I don't think he ever really went anywhere, but new Milsap material is wonderful to have. And like fine wine, Ronnie's voice just gets better with time. 

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1. You Don't Know My Love 
2. It's All Coming Back to Me Now 
3. My Life 
4. If It's Gonna Rain 
5. Time Keeps Slipping Away 
6. Why Can't I 
7. Day in the Life of America 
8. Somewhere Dry 
9. Local Girls 
10. Every Fire 
11. Accept My Love

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