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SHeDAISY - FortuneTellers Melody 
By: Jim Weaver,
Editor In Chief

I am and have been a huge fan of the beautiful Osborn sisters, better known as SHeDAISY, since I first saw them perform on the CMA Awards several years ago. I've also had the pleasure of meeting them and interviewing them on a couple of occasions and the more I get to know them the more I like them and their music.  

This is the fourth album from the girls that call themselves SHeDAISY, comprised of Kristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn. Their music can best be described as contemporary country or pop country, but I'm sure you knew that already or you probably wouldn't be reading this. Sometimes I hear the complaint that "they're just not country enough" and I say horse-hockey. Country music has always had it's traditional artists and it's contemporary artists, and the fans that don't like the latter always complain about it. Fact is there has always been room for both and there always will be. Lucky for me I like both styles so I'm pretty easy to please.

Kristyn is mostly responsible for this CD, as she usually is being the songwriter of the group, having co-written all but one of the cuts. She teamed up with John Shanks who co-wrote several songs and also produced, and even Sheryl Crow had a hand in writing two of the songs on this CD. Other co-writing credits go to Jason Deere, Connie Harrington, Tim Nichols and Don Schlitz. Jann Arden Richards and Russell Broom co-wrote the only non-Kristyn-penned song, "God Bless The American Housewife". Shanks was a very busy man on this project taking up the guitar, bass and keyboards as well, I'm guessing not at the same time. Shanks has produced projects for Melissa Etheridge, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Alanis Morissette, Bon Jovi and many more.

It's kinda funny, whilst reading the latest press materials about their new CD, I suddenly realized how PR people earn their money. The PR person's job is to convince you that this album is SO different than anything the artist has done before that you have to run out and buy it right now because you won't believe your ears. Now lets crank that back just a bit here, I think you can hear some differences from album to album but not that many. The songs are well written, the lead vocal is terrific and the arrangements and harmonies are superb as always. Most people are not going to able to hear the differences they're talking about.  I guess they have to go on and on about it for the hard-core music snobs who will pick anything apart. The way I boil it down is this, if you liked what SHeDAISY has done before, then I can't imagine you not liking this CD. Sure, they have progressed, as any talented group of singers and musicians will do, but nothing on this CD sounds so different that you don't know who's singing it for crying out loud.   

I liked all the songs on here but a few of the standouts in my mind are "Burn Down The House", "She Gets What I Deserve", "Whatever It Takes", and Kickin' In.  Check it out for yourself with a little audio/video sampling below.

"I'm Taking The Wheel" Streaming Audio

"American Housewife" Streaming Audio

"I'm Taking The Wheel" Streaming Video - WM
"I'm Taking The Wheel" Streaming Video - RA

"American Housewife" Streaming Video - WM
"American Housewife" Streaming Video - RA


Precious Memories song list:

To purchase the CD online click on the album cover.

1. 23 Days 
2. Whatever It Takes 
3. Bring It On Back 
4. I'm Taking The Wheel 
5. God Bless The American Housewife 
6. Kickin' In
7. Healing Side 
8. What Do I Do Now 
9. In Terms Of Love 
10. Burn Down The House 
11. Out Of My Mind 
12. She Gets What I Deserve

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